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What we’re about

Welcome to Terrible Football Taipei!

Do you want to play football, just for fun? Are you a bit unfit, a bit old, or a bit Terrible? Want to have a relaxed kick about, and maybe a couple of beers after? Then Terrible Football is for you!
Anyone can play: any ability, any age (or almost any - 18+) and any gender.
Terrible Football is about muddy pitches, miss kicked clearances, sweet half volleys and desperate diving saves. We play in the rain, sun or snow. It's completely free, and always will be. It's open, inclusive and Terrible.
You just need to RSVP and turn up on the day. We will take care of bibs, balls and goals.
We will play on Chenguang Soccer Field 晨光足球場

Rules for terrible football:
1. Don’t be too competitive
2. No hard tackling/sliding challenges
3. Don’t dribble past multiple players (trying to take on a player is fine but at no point should you be trying to dribble past multiple players)
4. Don’t hog the ball (keep the ball for a long time)
5. Positive talking is good but don’t constantly shout at people.
6. Don’t shoot too hard
7. Give beginners time on the ball and to receive the ball.
8. No arguing about anything. If you have a problem with something/someone please inform an organiser.
9. Don’t close down the defenders too quickly. Give the team a chance to play the ball out.
10. If you are on the waiting list, don’t attend the game.
11.Don't forget to keep changing the goalkeeper.
12. If you can't come to the event make sure to change your RSVP if you not change your RSVP and not showing up we will remove that member.
13.If you want to change your RSVP make sure to change it at least at 24 hours before the event start , so the next waiting list can prepare themselves

There is a  Line group "Terrible Football Taipei" - if you have any questions or can´t find the place, message us:

Did you know that you can also play Terrible Football in Amsterdam, Berlin and London? You can find the Meetups here:



We’re also on Social Media, so for news, updates, banter and social activities, keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:




See you on the pitch!

... and stay Terrible!

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