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Calling all Creators and Dream Makers! With our hopes and wishes of being abundant, Why not get all the dreamers and creators together and enjoy each others amazing energy and positivity? If you are a healer, a yogi, a lightworker, creator, or any others light being radiating love, let’s bring that amazing loving energy together and create time to share gifts, talents and ideas with like minded co-creators! My goal is to present events related to the magnificent and magical elements of the universe that are heart driven and expand our energy to help our Mother Earth through the awesome vibes we create. Remember you bring to you what you place your attention on and what you believe you deserve. We all deserve to have all that we dream and desire! Let’s explore the magic of the universe together. Love and Light, Nat

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The Magic of Sound Bath Through the Universal Elements

Love, Little Earth Angel Wellness Studio

Creation Boxes and Vision Boards!

Love, Little Earth Angel Wellness Studio

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