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We welcome you all to The AI Talks (http://www.theaitalks.com/).

Our vision is to empower people to reimagine a world, which creates a better future for everyone.

We are a growing initiative of businesses and individuals, that are exploring the everyday impact of Artificial Intelligence now and for the future. We aim to; establish the balance between human and machine, to explore how humans and AI can co-exist to creatively enhance, the way we think, what we do and how we do it.

As a free quarterly meet up, we are committed to talks and debates that promote and generate actionable ideas that can have an impact on society by;

• Thought leadership

• Sharing Ideas, Knowledge, Innovations, Trends, Developments in AI

• Practical case studies in embedding AI in some of our industries (digital, media, marketing, advertising, health & banking)

• Discussion around the future of work, trust and ethics

• Navigating the third wave of the internet known as Living Services

We invite all experts, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, C-suite, data scientists, developers, agilists, investors and those who work and play in our industries.

We welcome all speakers to come forward to participate in the conversation, and if there is a subject that you would like to hear more about, please send us a message.

September panel to be announced!

The AI Talks Team.

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Panel four: Can AI learn to be creative?

Monzo HQ

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Panel three: Ethics & the unconscious bias of AI.


Panel two: How can we future-proof ourselves?

Monzo Bank HQ

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