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How to 1-2-3 Connect: 1, To receive your link please subscribe here: 2, Once subscribed follow the link in the automated email and test that your microphone works well, 3, Join the meeting early to not miss any details and listen how to Make it Happen. Meeting Purpose: • 1, to show you how you can become financially free 75% faster using the knowledge you already have or strategies that you definitely will want to use! • 2, to analyse your skills and resources to find Cash Machines and ideas that give YOU your best Return On Investment (ROI) in the shortest period of time, • 3, for members to connect with each other face to face. What do I get? * How a Cash Machine catapults you forward! * How you can catapult yourself forward with 16 key building blocks! * How to increase your monthly salary TWICE as fast and save years! * Oooo and very importantly what to not do! * The three types of Cash Machines\Money Machines, * From 1000's of Cash Machine Idea's start finding one for you! Cost is: FREE to Attend! Q&A: Q, What is the Online Mastermind group? A, The Online Financial Freedom Mastermind is a group of like-minded entrepreneurs determined to achieve financial freedom. We cover the financial freedom foundation building blocks used to accelerate us forward and at the same time, we focus on creating a Money Machine business each which catapults you forward by making money sometimes in the first week! Here is our Website: Q, How do I join the Online Mastermind and what is it exactly? A, Join our Online Mastermind here ( By joining us as a member you are given free access to our twice monthly Online Mastermind Members Meetings, and you participate in our “16 Financial Freedom Foundation Building Blocks” discussions. You also receive access to our online "How to Make £3000pm fast!" Rent2Rent Mastermind and our online "Property Matchmaking" Mastermind which bring funding and property investors together. Please note: For the purpose of social interaction and sharing the atmosphere of the group by attending you consent to allow video and pictures to be taken and shared. We are passionate about seeing 100 entrepreneurs achieve their next Financial Freedom Goal by 2020! - The Financial Freedom Mastermind (

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If you have a desire to become financially free fast, The Financial Freedom Mastermind is for you.

We run:

• an accelerate your Financial Freedom program, and

• four monthly online Mastermind group meetings using:

• the skills and experience you already have, or

• a subletting strategy like Advanced Rent2Rent, or

• use deal sourcing like finding and selling property deals,

for those who are looking to catapult themselves ahead FAST using the power of a Mastermind to greatly reduce the timeline to achieving your goal.

Our purpose is to work together in the true sense of a Mastermind to create massive cash flow and strong capital gain pay-outs to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to achieve financial freedom. Among others, Robert Kiyosaki's fundamental financial knowledge, Napoleon Hill's power of the Master Mind and Blair Singer sales and marketing mastery and Stephen Coveys sixth principle in "The 7 habbits of highly effective people" calling us to "Synergize" are strong influences for the group.

We meet to:

• Create a fast track community,

• learn how to become financially free much MUCH faster,

• be with each other as we progress towards financial freedom.

London Financial Freedom Mastermind offers visitors the opportunity to join a community of like minded people whose purpose is to achieve financial freedom with a focus of reducing the TIME it takes so that we can all get on with fulfilling our life’s purpose.

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