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Mum's In : Stories From Razorhurst ($20 with Promo Code)

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MUM’S IN: STORIES FROM RAZORHURST; A one-woman dark comedy cabaret written and performed by Vashti Hughes, directed by James Winter.

This show was attended by a group of us from Meetup a few months ago and people seemed to enjoy it so i am proposing it again. It has been running weekly for months due to popular demand.

Razorhurst is an invented term to describe the Darlinghurst area of Sydney and evoking the era of the criminal razor gangs who terrified the public in the period of prohibition in the 1920's and 30's. Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh were prominent ladies of the underworld who ran brothels at a time when it was illegal for men to run them. Vashti Hughes does a fantastic job here portraying these two characters and whole lot more, from a part of Sydney's history much forgotten, with an earthy sense of humour.
Come along and get dressed up in 1930's gangster and lady-gangster style. If you are easily offended, come along and be offended, it's a helll of a lot of fun!

More info on the "Mums In" website

Tickets are normally $30 but for our group, if you use the promo code...... Meetup..... you can book your tickets at the $20 price, here :

Please let me know when you have booked your ticket.

WHERE AND WHEN TO MEET : we will meet at the cafe next to the foyer of the Holiday Inn in Victoria St Kings Cross at 4.15pm for a chat and a drink, and perhaps move in the Kings Cross Hotel next door for a beverage before the show. If you are running late and won't be able to meet us early, just head straight up the lift in Kings Cross Hotel for the show to commence at 5pm.

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