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A feast hall for students of the arcane & divine, martial & stealth, order & chaos. A place to organize get-togethers for playing pen and paper RPGs, in Tokyo, Japan. We play a variety of RPGs, including Dungeons & Dragons, 13th Age, Shadowrun, Star Wars and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying. We welcome everyone, experienced gamer or total newbie.

If you are a Game Master looking for a group, set a date, get a place, choose a system, and click "Schedule a New Meetup".

If you are a player looking for a group, look at the announced meetups for free spots. You can also leave a looking for group post (https://www.meetup.com/TokyoRPG/messages/boards/thread/50125601) in the discussion forum. Also join us at our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/TokyoRPG/)!

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Otsuka RPG Day March 25

Titans Craft Beer Taproom & Bottle Shop

=== Otsuka Game Day 28: March of the Adventurers ===

The Tokyo Roleplaying Society invites you back for our sixth event this year. What will await us after the legendary ORCtsuka Game Day in February?

As always, we will have an entire floor to ourselves. There may be space to run a game on the second floor as well - we have established this precedent in February, where we had 9 games being run! All floors are of course serviced by fantastic brews and delicious foods, including new meatball sandwiches fresh on the Titans menu. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, everyone is welcome to play some tabletop RPGs here! Otsuka Game Day is a great opportunity to play some one-shots sessions, try out a new system, join a mini campaign and make some like-minded friends!

=== GAME LIST ===


Knights of the Stars / Hostage Extraction

13th Age / Cold Snap - pt. 2

Fantasy RPG session placeholder


D&D 5e / Widow of the Web

Cuthulhien / Ten Plagues

Offworlders / Pizza Galactic

Dread / Curse of Brunestar Manor

=== How the Game Day works ===

As usual, we’re looking for volunteer GMs to run sessions. Please send the organizers of the event (Jeremy and Yan) a message or alternatively comment on this event below so we can set you up. We‘ll have two time slots, 3:00PM - 6:20PM and 6:40PM - 10:00PM.

We'll create a separate meetup entry for each gaming session, where players will be able to sign up (though please also RSVP to this event so we can keep track of the total number of attendees to be expected). For our equally fine playing folks, stay tuned for these entries coming up and pick your games. You can find an overview of the games here on meetup, and we will add links to the individual games to this post as they get announced.

We recommend to watch this space and the FB group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/TokyoRPG/) as well as Line for upcoming games, and to reserve your spot.

Please support the venue by ordering food and drink - both are also seriously delicious and highly recommended.

Fantasy RPG session placeholder (13th Age)

Titans Craft Beer Taproom & Bottle Shop

I will be running 13th Age. This is a fantasy RPG quite similar to D&D. It’s fairly newbie friendly, so don’t hesitate to sign up even if you don’t know the system.
You can pick a pregenerated PC on the day, or we can create a character together in advance if you reply to messages.
Will post more details later.

13th Age / Cold Snap - pt. 2 / Otsuka Game Day

Titans Craft Beer Taproom & Bottle Shop

Cold Snap

You are aboard the icebreaker, Hoarfrost, as it smashes its way across the frozen Midland Sea. As you get closer and closer to the place you think is the origin of the strange, icy magic affecting the usually temperate sea, you marvel at the accuracy of the prophetic musings spouted by the ship's ghost. Who is Lothrak? And what's the best way to clean giant ice rat blood out of the fur trim of a winter cloak?

1. We'll be playing 5th-level characters (the same bunch as in the first session).
2. 13th Age uses polyhedral dice, and at 5th level we roll a lot of them. You can easily get by with just one set, but if you happen to be a dice collector/addict (like me) and can manage to bring 5 sets, that'd be good. It's fun to roll all your damage dice at once.
3. Beginners welcome.
4. It's likely this will end up taking 2 or 3 more sessions to complete, but no long-term commitment is necessary. People can jump in or step out as they like.

Knights of the Stars / Hostage Extraction / Otsuka RPG Day

Titans Craft Beer Taproom & Bottle Shop

The year on earth's calendar is 2100, but we are not on earth. In the past 80 years, humanity has discovered magic, mastered space flight, and made first contact with alien life. With their new technology, humans were able to colonize the far-off Al'Catorian Galaxy. There, they met multiple other alien races who were also looking to colonize the galaxy. Together they all formed the Al'Catorian Alliance and have since been living shoulder to shoulder in relative peace. The Alliance is soon celebrating the 20th anniversary of its founding. There are many mysteries to unravel and stories to tell. Maybe they'll be yours.

A group of pirates have taken over a military outpost. We believe they're after intel that an officer stationed there was entrusted with. Your mission is to find him and get him out alive.

Welcome to Knights of the Stars, a TTRPG made by me. The game uses my own 3d6 system, making rolls more reliant on your character's stats instead of luck. There is also a large emphasis on character customization, including 9 varied species and 21 species variants, 14 unique classes, each with two sets of abilities to freely pick between, over 100 abilities and spells to acquire, many different types of weapons, each with their own modifications and ammo types, and fully customizable suit of powered armor called Battle Suits.

Premade characters will be made by me beforehand so you won't have to worry about character creation.

Past events (951)

Asakusa RPG Night March 3

Infinity Books and Event Space