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What we’re about

Please also sign up on the Tavern forums to get informed about future events, advertise or find a gaming group - or just connect to the RPG scene in Tokyo!

A feast hall for students of the arcane & divine, martial & stealth, order & chaos. A place to organize get-togethers for playing pen and paper RPGs, in Tokyo, Japan. We play a variety of RPGs, including Dungeons & Dragons, 13th Age, Shadowrun, Star Wars and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying. We welcome everyone, experienced gamer or total newbie.

If you are a Game Master looking for a group, set a date, get a place, choose a system, and click "Schedule a New Meetup".

If you are a player looking for a group, look at the announced meetups for free spots. You can also leave a looking for group post in the discussion forum. Also join us at our Facebook group! Or directly at the Tokyo RPG Society Tavern!

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