What we're about

It’s all about context and conversations. Designers like to think bigger, so let’s talk about design in the wider sense.

Yes, UX/Design Thinking/User Centred Design is important - we know that. But how does it - or can it - effect people, culture, society, the environment, attitudes and everything else in-between?

We won’t be hosting the usual “What’s the difference between UX/UI” or “How to get improve your UX portfolio” talks. Yes, they’re worthwhile subjects but we believe that design thinkers can offer so much more than that.

In a nutshell

• Evenings of super interesting talks followed by ‘Conversation Time’ where everyone present is encouraged to ask questions and comment from their own perspective - not just your usual Q&A!

• Curated, engaging, badass speakers who give a unique perspective and ask deeper questions of design and tech

• Limited tickets available to keep the groups small and encourage conversation - we’re not in it to make money!

The Meetup is perfect for tech professionals of any stripe - UXers, Developers, PM’s, PO’s, QA pros, Business Stakeholders etc etc… Basically anyone who’s been in the game for a few years and want to hear about different perspectives on design across tech teams. We want you to learn about different perspective - informing and inspiring you in your everyday work.

Why the ticket charge?

Yes, we charge a small fee as from bitter experience we know that free meet-ups can result in tickets being secured and people potential not showing! This meetup has limited spots and we want to try our best to ensure people show up and can’t stop others who want to attend.

Plus, the usual overheads of venue, our time (any freelancer would agree with that!) and refreshments have to be thought of. Rest assured, we are only charging the bare minimum of what’s needed to get the job done - our speakers and organising team do not get paid and are doing it for the love of design!

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