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Have you been looking for something to do? Something to improve your physical and mental health? Something fun? Something to get you out of the house and provide opportunities to make new friends? Something for you personally or an activity for the entire family? Then volkssporting is that special something for you. Chances are very good that you have never heard of this sport. And that’s okay. Volkssporting is dedicated to promoting fun, fitness and friendship through organized noncompetitive, self-paced sporting events. It offers outdoor organized activities for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. Seniors and youth, singles, couples and families are all welcome. And you don’t have to be an athlete to be a volkssporter! These sporting events (the vast majority are walking related) are administered in the 50 states by a nationwide grassroots network of chartered sports clubs that sponsor more than 3,000 events annually. We, the UpState PathFinders, are a part of the American Volkssport Association (AVA), a nonprofit organization that sanctions volkssport events in the U.S. Other sports offered on a very limited basis include cycling, swimming, skating, cross country skiing and snow shoeing. Many people adopt volkssporting as part of their lifestyle and have completed hundreds of events and walked thousands of miles. While many begin walking for fitness (that inevitable medical wake-up call), most continue because of friendships and social benefits offered through the local clubs.

Past events (175)

Clemson Botanical Gardens 5/10K Group Walk

Bob Campbell Geology Museum

Swamp Rabbit Trail - 5K - Group 3 (5k Walkers)

Ingles Markets

Swamp Rabbit Trail - 10K - Group 1 (Fast Walkers)

Ingles Markets

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