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The Vancouver Full Stack Meetup group brings together developers who want to learn more about the ins-and-outs of developing web applications from the frontend layer down to the guts of the backend. We welcome discussions about different technologies, concepts, best practices and the combination thereof: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React, Python, Django, Angular, Play Framework, SQL, ASP.NET and others. Developers of all levels are welcome to participate by attending, giving talks and make new connections.

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Efficient Patterns and Practices of Using Web Protocols

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Hello FullStackers!

We are glad to announce our next virtual event on Wednesday, October 12th. In October, we are going to talk about stuff that is used by developers every day for building Web and Mobile applications. We are going to dig in-depth into networking and protocols.

Talk Synopsis

Networking and Communication protocols are the base of all modern applications. Today we can’t imagine our applications without interprocess communications, remote clients, and servers. Even simple at first look such as command line (CLI) applications collect statistics of usage and aggregate them on their servers.

The performance of modern applications depends not only on efficient algorithms that we learned during standard courses in Computer Science. Today applications more and more depend on efficient protocols and networks. With 5G on the scene, developers can implement all business logic on the server side, in the cloud. Today software engineers have dozen of different protocols that can be used to achieve their goal of providing the same native user experience. The main difficulty today for engineers is choosing these protocols and understanding their limitations.

This talk is going to cover different versions of HTTP[masked], streaming, and duplex protocols. As a bonus, our presenter is going to share tricks on how you can easily improve the performance of your web apps.
We are going to run an experiment that will allow all of you to check on practice the differences between different protocols.

Speaker Bio

Mike Beschastnov is a Principal Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in developing Mobile, Web, and Analytical applications. As a Principal Software Engineer, Mike is responsible for building the architecture of scalable applications that involved multiple teams from different regions. Mike is always ready to share his knowledge with the teams and never stops learning. He knows a gazillion of programming languages that are used for problem-solving accordingly. Mike is one of the co-organizers of this meetup group and an effortless ambassador.

During his free time, Mike loves spending time with his family and also does a lot of interesting things with hardware and cars. Mike has a lot of interesting hobbies from which we would like to highlight axe throwing and hiking.

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