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October 2020:

Vision 2020 – What’s next?

Here we are – the year 2020 is almost over, and we have spent half of it in ways we didn’t plan on when we started it. Our Meetup group has evolved from a few foreign faces on a screen to a sense of comfort and connection with people we look forward to seeing.

In the last 2 weeks I have asked myself – What’s next for our group?

We have adapted, evolved and maybe we even see clearer now than when we first started. How can this group continue to support all of us through the remainder of this strange year and into 2021? Can it?

And I decided it can. With your support.

I have looked back at our meetings and I have noticed that 3 big skills/ideas stand out:

- Communication

- Compassion

- Connection

We have worked on them. We have struggled with them. We have appreciated them.

And I believe that if we continue to focus on them, they will prepare us for new challenges that almost certainly lie ahead.

So here it is:

My vision for our meetings going forward

- Communication

We come ready to listen and reflect on the contribution of others.

We share our truth, and we do so in ways that respects the truth of others.

When the truth of others triggers us, we check in with ourselves to see what we need to learn from within.

- Compassion

We make space for everyone. We acknowledge each other. We show curiosity for others.

We offer our truth as an invitation, not a demand.

We set aside judgement and a sense of defensiveness as a way to learn more about ourselves.

- Connection

We use our conversations as a way to connect deeper with ourselves.

We bring presence and mindful attention, not advise and correction, as a means to connect with the uniqueness of others.

We already know how to do this. We have already done so. And now we are taking it to the next level so we can grow into the best version of ourselves.

Take a look, and if this vision resonates with you, please join our morning calls.

They have given me grounding and consistency for my often unstable days where I lacked motivation to even get started.


April 2020:

Let’s be honest – when we used #vision2020 in our social media posts at the beginning of this year, we didn’t know what awaited us.
But here we are:
Our lives are on hold. We finally have our wish for a pause granted. Unexpectedly, and maybe longer than we hoped for. But - what will we do with it?

Personally, I find myself tossed back and forth between worry and hope, between fear and joy, doubt and courage. And I hear from my friends that this is not uncommon.

Let’s be honest – it’s hard to focus in the midst of so much uncertainty. I still haven’t finished the book I’ve been reading for months. The online course I started is only 40% complete, and I can’t sit longer than 2 minutes in my meditation practice without getting distracted.

But in between happy and sad and all the other extremes we might be feeling, there is space that contains insights. And I am certain we all have noticed them:

• Small changes in our environment and within us

• A better understanding of who we are and how we handle difficult circumstances

• Inklings to try something new when THIS is over

While it may feel dark all around us, we can search for light within us.

Let’s come together and share what we see: the lessons we are learning, the ideas we have, the insights we are gaining, the meaning this time has for us, and more. I want to provide a space for everyone searching for their vision 2020 to come together, inspire one another, and find clarity.

Here is the plan:

• We will meet for 30 minutes on Zoom, Monday – Wednesday – Friday at 8am

• I will share the theme for the day to help us focus, and then open it up for the group to add insights and questions

• We all come to contribute, to help each other grow and to listen and learn

• While there may not be enough time for everyone to share, we can reflect on what we heard

• This is a special opportunity to connect with people and grow our tribe

• I suggest you bring have a journal to grab hold of ideas and motivations

• I will end the call summarizing the takeaways and any action items we decide to tackle.

The goal is focus, clarity, and a better vision so we can navigate through this new time – and it starts with small doses. Let’s begin now. I look forward to seeing you on the calls.

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