Canceled Meetup

Muddy Creek "The Chute" by inflatable kayak (depends on water level)

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As of May 5th there is 18 cfs in the creek so we have to, at best postpone again and maybe even cancel for this year. At least 100 cfs is necessary to float this.

Muddy Creek

"The Chute ("

by inflatable kayak

(Depends on water level. This date has been moved from April 27-28 to this weekend in hopes of having water in the Muddy. )

It typically needs 150 cfs, 100 at a minimum to float this narrow desert defile in Utah's San Rafael Swell.

Inflatable kayak is the boat of choice; unless you are a well skilled whitewater kayaker and want to carry one of those the 1/4-1/2 mile up hill to the cars at the take-out.

According to American Whitewater (

Muddy Creek can be boated as a multiday trip, but The Chute is often boated as a day trip.

The Chute - the most popular section - begins at Tomisch Butte.

It's a long drive from Highway I-70 exit 129. Follow the frontage road as it heads west along the south side of I-70 and make sure you have a good map.

There is camping at the put-in and in the rare years when flows are good floaters gather to paddle this 15 mile section that includes The Chute.

There are a few class II rapids along this section until you enter The Chute which is a very impressive canyon up to 300' deep and only 7' wide in places. This narrow box canyon is approximately 4 miles. There is an access point at the end of this section at the Chimney Canyon trailhead near the Hidden Splendor Mine.


Meet at Tomich Butte for a 9 AM launch. With people coming from GJ, SLC and who knows where, I am going to let you figure out your own plans for getting to the put-in.


We can camp at either the put-in or take-out locations. I prefer that we camp at the take-out on Friday &/or Saturday nights. The take-out is known as Hidden Splendor air strip and there are many flat areas for tent camping &/or sleeping in your vehicle.

For camping, be sure to bring minimum 1 gallon of water/ person/day. It can get very windy in the desert in a very short period of time so plan to anchor your tent down well; or, put it in the car for the day.

Let's plan on a group meal Saturday night and maybe group breakfast on Sunday. Details can be worked out later.


If there is not enough water to float &/or if you want a 2nd day activity, there are great hikes and plenty of moderate to very challanging canyoneering near-by. There will be plenty to do on Sunday.


Inflatable kayak & paddle (please no vinyl pool-toy-type boat shaped vessels. There is too much chance of them getting ripped on a sharp rock, stick or branch and being unrepairable. And, no canoes!) Personal Floatation Device (PFD REQUIRED for ALL WSA boating events) Broad-brimmed hat, long pants and shirt sleeves plus other sun protection; sunscreen, glasses River shoes or old sneakers that can be wet and muddy (duhh?) all day Water- at least one gallon/ person. The creek is guarenteed not drinkable and it will make you thirsty. Quick n Easy lunch and lots of easy snacks Patch kit for IK (at least 1 for each type of boat fabric/material coating on the river today) DOGS:

It is BLM land so technically FIDO is allowed. Please only bring him/her on the river if you know the dog will stay in the boat and not cause you trouble and delay the group progress. If you do opt to bring the dog to camp &/or on the river, please plan to clean up after any dog-leavings.

CONTACT: Doug Van Etten[masked]

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