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The Western Slope Adventurers (WSA) is a bunch of motivated individuals who want to get together with other outdoor minded folks to share hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, dog walks, outdoor film festivals (indoors on winter nights), photography, road and mountain biking, rafting and other water sports; and, in season, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, winter camping (or huts), outdoor ice skating and so much more.

You are encouraged to BE ACTIVE in the group. MeetUps are about just that, actively meeting up with others with shared interests.

Being a'Western Slope' group we are attracting members from Delta/ Montrose, Paonia/ Hotchkiss, Rifle/ Glenwood Springs and other areas. When members want to generate activities in those outlying areas to be posted on the WSA calendar, that is great. Everything need not emanate from Grand Junction. As a matter of fact, we are excited about locals in a variety of areas posting activities so those of us from other areas can learn where to go with the various 'locals'.

MeetUp.com allows for a principle 'Organizer' and unlimited number of Assistant Organizers and Event Organizers . If you have an event you want posted to the calendar, you can then be designated as the event organizer. After you have initiated a few events you will probably be invited to become an Assistant Organizer (AO). It will be great if we can expand our network of AOs into all the various population centers of the Western Slope.

Western Colorado is a great place to live and we will meetup up to share it and make it even better , for ourselves, our group and and larger community.

Oh and by the way, if you are from Denver, Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs, Price or places even farther away, if you share our interests in getting outdoors, we welcome your membership.

Upcoming events (5+)

Gila River- Paddle/ Float in southwest New Mexico -- class II to maybe some III

Gila Cliff Dwelling Visitor Center Road

The Gila River heads in mountainous country in southwest New Mexico where it has 40-45 miles of usually class II (maybe some III depending on water level) runnable river. A Google search will show you quite a few details about the river, the area, weather, etc. We have 2 IK paddlers planning to go. We would be willing to add as many as 4-6 more; but probably no more than 6-8 total since it is a small river. Because of the unknowns on this trip it is probably not a best 'first' river trip for participants but from what I've read and learned from people I've talked with in that area, this is more of a 'wilderness' adventure than a massive river challenge (it is not like it's river cousin the class III-IV Salt River 150 miles to the northwest). The put-in is at a Forest Service visitor center then we won't see much (if any) obvious human sign until the take out, either 40 or 44 miles downstream, depending on where we choose to exit. Since there are no dams on the river the flow is wild - left up to snowmelt and rain. If the water is flowing good,[masked] cfs we could possibly do the float in as little as 3 days. However if water is low, &/or we want to take it easy on the water and do side hikes, we could be out 5 days. Inflatable kayaks are recommended for most paddlers; although experienced canoers, solo or tandem, do this section of river too. Since we won't know until very near launch time what to expect for water level, rafts are not recommended. It would be a perfect size river for a packraft. Each person will be responsible for their own boating gear. We can decide based on what those going want to do, how much solo or shared meals we may opt for. We will bring all the usual southwest river gear even though there are no 'must have' rules that I have seen: groover, firepan, etc. We want to put-on the river by mid-morning March 24. Since it is 670 miles/ 12.5 hours from Grand Junction, plan a long travel day on the 23rd, or more travel time if you like. A car shuttle will be necessary once we reach the river. I do not have that detail worked out but do have a web address to check out. Call or email if you have questions or are hemming and hawing about going, or not: Doug Van Etten[masked] [masked] This is a very informative link to water/ snow in the area. Scroll over the dots and find Silver Creek Divide. That is our most appropriate gauge https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/wcc/home/quicklinks/iMap/!ut/p/z1/pZExb4MwEIV_SwfG-o6EErebw5CkRErbpAm5JTKUAlIwCDux-u9LxZqaSr3Bks_fe_esA4IESMlrVUhTNUqe-_uRwtNqwsWSbzFeREGA4jGa7dbbGcZvD3BwArsQqH_mPAr8TYBrjFHga8Tjfbjc-5uXyYh-jn_T4y8lBv1ofscA-s__e4Dc8Q5AYwg5M8zHgJ8dOIGpD89AxblJh4ULlU55AdTln3mXd-zS9e3SmFY_eeihtZbZLGOqyzS76A_JiubqoVaNHc5TLVtWmvqmWdloA8lND2jr974SrFb3lH7Zu282F_6j/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?fbclid=IwAR1Uq1TPyeSRmdunMA49KkajP3JIIY9nEe9iCPL2-r9m5Gb6WU_jX8LoPDA#version=103&elements=&networks=!&states=!&counties=!&hucs=&minElevation=&maxElevation=&elementSelectType=all&activeOnly=true&activeForecastPointsOnly=false&hucLabels=false&hucIdLabels=false&hucParameterLabels=false&stationLabels=&overlays=&hucOverlays=&basinOpacity=100&basinNoDataOpacity=100&basemapOpacity=100&maskOpacity=0&mode=data&openSections=dataElement,parameter,date,basin,elements,location,networks&controlsOpen=true&popup=&popupMulti=&base=esriNgwm&displayType=station&basinType=6&dataElement=PREC&depth=-8¶meter=PCTAVG&frequency=DAILY&duration=wytd&customDuration=&dayPart=E&year=2019&month=2&day=25&monthPart=E&forecastPubMonth=2&forecastPubDay=1&forecastExceedance=50&seqColor=1&divColor=3&scaleType=D&scaleMin=&scaleMax=&referencePeriodType=POR&referenceBegin=1981&referenceEnd=2010&minimumYears=20&hucAssociations=true&lat=35.299&lon=[masked]&zoom=7.0

Knotty Night - for the ladies!

Needs a location

Hi ladies! This Knotty Night will be a discussion - no gear required. We will talk about your experiences and reflections from last weekend's canyons, talk about group gear, items that should be in your pack for every canyon, and where we find and how we use beta. If you would like to host next week's Knotty Night, please let me know! Otherwise, we will meet at REI. Thank you all!

Breckenridge/Beaver Creek--Skiing & More

Needs a location

It's time we got another alpine skiing trip together! There is a subset of WSA that does multi-day ski trips. There is a group of us that have Epic Passes that include Crested Butte, Vail, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, etc. We're looking for people to ski with! We are aiming at lodging in Eagle 3/31 and 4/1 for this event, and skiing Monday at one resort and Tuesday at another. If interested we'll do most communications off site by email and phone--answer the RSVP question please!! This event co-listed with Montrose Hiking Meetup.

BACKPACKING in Grand Gulch/ southeast Utah- 23 miles Kane Gulch to Bullet Canyon

Grand Gulch is at the heart of the the Cedar Mesa - Bears Ears area in southeast Utah. Our friend Tanner Morrill from Salt Lake City has the permit for this backpacking adventure. Starting at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station we will take 3 days to walk about 23 miles through the canyon bottom then up Bullet Canyon back to the highway. Along the way there will be many Ancestral Puebloan (this is the term used now, formerly Anasazi) ruins and displays of rock art. Among the named ruins we will pass by include: Junction, Turkey Pen, Split Level. The trail is well worn but not formally maintained. Same goes for campsites. It has been a very wet winter so there should be a lot of pools and potholes with water that can be filtered for drinking and cooking. Everyone will be self-contained for camping, cooking, water filtration and personal waste disposal. As we get some folks committed to the trip, it may work out that some of us can share cooking gear, tent space, etc. Along with basic backpacking gear, I suggest you bring: ** water filter ** trekking poles (only bring them if you have rubber tips on them so they do not scar the rock) ** wag bags or plastic bags to carry out toilet paper. TP must not be buried or burned; carry it out. ** broad brimmed hat & long sleeve cotton shirt for sun protection ** backpacking cook stove (no open fires allowed) Weather: Average temperatures this time of year are 71* high/ 46* low https://www.weatherforyou.com/reports/index.php?config=&forecast=zandh&pands=&zipcode=&place=grand+gulch+primitive+area&state=ut&country=us&icao= From the BLM website, a few rules & regs: No camping is allowed at any ruins, rock art sites or alcoves. Please use an established campsite and avoid impacting undisturbed areas. Campfires are not allowed in Cedar Mesa canyons. Disposal of human waste is not permitted within 200 feet of a water source, trail, or campsite. Please don't wash, bath or swim in streams or potholes. Plan to rendezvous at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station when they open at 8AM on Friday. There is good camping about a mile from the ranger station. We can post that information if anyone wants to camp (car camping) the night before we meet. Another option would be to spend the Thursday night in Blanding, 36 paved highway miles away (40 minutes drive time). Tanner has a B&B reserved for some trip participants. If you want in on that, contact him. For more information &/or details call or text Tanner Morrill[masked]

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Moab Beginner Canyoneering Trip - for the ladies!

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