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Hike "The Orange Ear" from Monument Canyon trailhead
Hike what Doug calls "The Orange Ear" Hike time will be about 1 -1.5 hours up; depending on your pace and a bit less than that back down. Please be ON TIME since we may be pushing the edge of darkness finishing the hike. This is a relatively moderate hike to a location that few BUT the most avid hikers you know in GJ will have ever visited. Believe me, this is a hike to not be missed and one that you'll always be proud to know you have done. Round trip distance is probably about 4 miles, elevation gain is probably 500-600 vertical feet but a lot of that vertical is on sloping slickrock. This is probably best not to be the first hike you have ever taken. The high point of our walk will offer gorgeous late afternoon sun and possible sunset vistas. Bring your camera. But, also bring your headlamp (or at least a good flashlight, not on your cell phone) WHEN/ WHERE: Meet at the Monument Canyon trailhead at 5:30 PM so we can take off no later than 5:40 PM, please. If you have to be a bit later, call to let me know and I can stay back to wait for you. Click this LINK ( for a map of the Monument that will show where the Monument Canyon trailhead is, just off Broadway. There is nothing that says trailhead but, follow back from the words Monument Canyon and you will see the location. It is every easy to drive right by it because it's near the crest of a hill and a curve, plus being well down below the level of the Broadway road. I think the mile post marker on the side of the road is either 4 or 5. BRING: • Sturdy rubber-soled shoes or light hiking boots • Trekking poles (not really needed for this hike but if you like them, bring 'em. Please have rubber tips on since most of the walk is on slickrock) • Water • Snacks • Headlamp in case we head down as the sun is waning. DOGS: This hike is in the Monument so Fido will have to stay home. WEATHER: The forecast is for rain and wind early in the day (but I'm looking at the weather map on Tuesday evening) . . . so show up and we'll see what the weather is doing or has done earlier in the day. Bring clothes for variable weather. Have them at least in the car that can come/be worn or not on the hike CONTACT: Doug Van Etten 970-433-4312

Monument Canyon trailhead

On Broadway at green milepost ~5. Look for brown sign along road Look for brown trailhead sign along road · Grand Junction, CO

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The Western Slope Adventurers (WSA) is a bunch of motivated individuals who want to get together with other outdoor minded folks to share hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, dog walks, outdoor film festivals (indoors on winter nights), photography, road and mountain biking, rafting and other water sports; and, in season, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, winter camping (or huts), outdoor ice skating and so much more.

You are encouraged to BE ACTIVE in the group. MeetUps are about just that, actively meeting up with others with shared interests.

Being a'Western Slope' group we are attracting members from Delta/ Montrose, Paonia/ Hotchkiss, Rifle/ Glenwood Springs and other areas. When members want to generate activities in those outlying areas to be posted on the WSA calendar, that is great. Everything need not emanate from Grand Junction. As a matter of fact, we are excited about locals in a variety of areas posting activities so those of us from other areas can learn where to go with the various 'locals'. allows for a principle 'Organizer' and unlimited number of Assistant Organizers and Event Organizers . If you have an event you want posted to the calendar, you can then be designated as the event organizer. After you have initiated a few events you will probably be invited to become an Assistant Organizer (AO). It will be great if we can expand our network of AOs into all the various population centers of the Western Slope.

Western Colorado is a great place to live and we will meetup up to share it and make it even better , for ourselves, our group and and larger community.

Oh and by the way, if you are from Denver, Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs, Price or places even farther away, if you share our interests in getting outdoors, we welcome your membership.

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