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Canyoneering Eardley Canyon in San Rafael Swell
Canyoneering in San Rafael Swell EARDLEY CANYON 3BIII Long hot walk in, lots of swims. ( This canyon is close to GJ and it's one of the closest technical slot and swimming canyons to SLC too. It is said to be not too technical or challenging but lots of swimming fun. It is a HUMP of a walk in - if that is going to make you grumpy, do not even RSVP for this canyon. My pals Shane and Chris went to Eardley last weekend and they say the swims are well worth the uphill walk to get to them. Last week's rain over the Swell seems to have filled this canyon. I hope you are OK with rappelling off the end of the rope into water and swimming from a few strokes to 150' across a pool. If that sounds good, this may be a canyon for you. In other words, this canyon, today, is not for everyone. This canyon should take 6-8 hours. That time is based on quick, efficient travel; NO hesitation or delays at down-climbs, rappels or swims. That 6-8 hours was based on a team of 2 so add 30 minutes for each 2 additional team members if we are anything less than EFFICIENT, QUICK, EFFICIENT, SMOOTH (and have good navigation on the way in). So, if we go with a team of 6-10 - that can mean 8-10 hours unless we really have our act together. WHEN/WHERE: Coming from GJ, meet at Starvin Arvins in Fruita at 6:00AM. It is about a 2-hour drive over or just a bit more depending on if we have to do any 'road work' to get non-high clearance vehicles in. BRING, canyoneering gear • Sun protection (hat, long sleeve shirt, sun screen, etc.) • Bug spray (since you never know when or where they will be around • HELMET REQUIRED for doing canyons with this group (can be bike or similar helmet if that is what you currently own. By your 4th or 5th time in canyons we hope you will be in a climbing/ canyon helmet) • Harness • Carabiners 3-4/ locking 'biners. 2 or 3 non-locking carabiners may find uses also. • Rappel device • Safety tether • Knee & Elbow pads (probably not needed in this canyon, but ...) • Wet suits (probably not needed unless you get very cold, very easily). We are expecting 88*+ degrees and light breeze. • Webbing 15' and 30' sections of 1" tubular; odds n ends sizes are good too • Rappel ring or Rapide • Pothole escape tools you may have (hooks, potshots, sand trap, aiders, mechanical ascenders, prussic slings, etc. Based on recent report we should not need pothole tools but best to always be prepared ) • Dry bag for lunch, wind shell, etc. • Gloves (this time of year and this type of canyon, prefer the light-weight cotton back, rubber face glove. They are always available at big city hardware stores. Should cost $4 - $8 per pair). • Lunch & lots of snacks • Drinking water --- 3 quarts/ liters, not 1 or 2 BUT 3 quarts of liquid AND DRINK IT. The walk uphill to access this canyon is all on exposed, sunny slickrock. • Pack (to carry all your personal gear, food, water AND your share of GROUP GEAR. Once we get in the canyon you need to not be carrying anything in your hands. Many of our group members have bought a $40 special at WalMart. It is tough, the price is right and it is a pretty good size.) • Ropes If we have[masked]' ropes and a pull cord we should be good. Need a Fiddle stick to pull the rappel rope down. • Spare/ dry clothes, sandals or other dry shoes, plenty of after-canyon water or other rehydration beverage all left in the car RSVP: This may have to be a selective process to get a team of no more than 10. I am going to pre-RSVP for some people. If they do not want to go, they can delete the RSVP. Others can get on the waiting list and we will see by Thursday or Friday how the team is shaping up. • each person wishing to attend/ participate MUST RSVP for themselves, there is no +1 RSVP for canyoneering events • if you will have a high clearance &/or 4WD vehicle please let us know that • if you have a rope(s) you will be bringing (longest rappel is 50' so one or two short ropes and many 30' or 40' pieces of 1" webbing should do the trick) WEATHER: Forecast is for no rain in sight, hot and breezy CONTACT: Doug Van Etten[masked] ***** Acknowledgement of Risk ***** ( By RSVPing YES and participating in this activity you acknowledge that you have read the statements below and agree to abide by them while participating in this or any Western Slope Adventurers &/ or Backpackers Anonymous meetup activity. Only those persons who have read this information and agree to its terms shall be viewed as participants in this or any other meetup activity. Hiking, backpacking, road or mountain biking, water sports, skiing, snowshoeing, climbing, rappelling, canyoneering and other adventure sports are fun, but are not without risk. • You are responsible for your own safety and staying within your own comfort limits. • All meetup events are unguided events. • By your participation, you acknowledge you have a personal duty and responsibility for your own safety. • MeetUps are organised to provide a venue for outdoor enthusiasts to meet and have fun while sharing in experiences and adventures. • Neither the MeetUp group nor any event organiser assesses the personal, technical and/or safety skills of participants; nor do they assess any event location to determine current conditions. By your participation, you acknowledge that you have a personal duty and responsibility to (a) assess your own skills, honestly and accurately, to determine your suitability as a participant for each event, (b) seek adequate information to assess the difficulty of each event to determine if it is within your fitness and skill level, (c) seek adequate information about the current conditions in each area and the weather to assess potential risks to you by participating, and (d) evaluate other prospective event participants and to use your own judgment to determine their suitability for the event and how their participation may affect you. All participants are encouraged and expected to • honestly, assess your skills to ensure each activity is within your ability • assess your prospective fellow event participants • accept responsibility for your own safety and comfort • do your share of any teamwork involved • share your ideas for situation assessment before and during an event • speak up if you're having a problem • speak up if you question what's going on or something that is being done, no matter who's doing it • have all of the clothing, equipment and any other special items needed for the activity • inform the event organiser or other designated participant if you are using medication (prescribed or otherwise) or have any medical condition that may affect your full participation in the event • on any biking, canyoneering; or, river event that is class III difficulty or higher, wear a helmet, no exceptions • have fun SUGGESTED READING & RESOURCES: Canyoneering ( (book) by David Black (buy it cheap on-line) Canyoneering Primer ( from Climb-Utah (many say this is the best concise 'how to' in canyoneering literature) Canyoneering Gear ( from Climb-Utah What is Canyoneering ( from BluuGnome (I like the way he defines responsibilities) Emergency Contacts ( a comprehensive list on List of other web resources ( compiled by Road Trip Ryan Deadman Anchors ( - what are they, evaluating them, using them

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The Western Slope Adventurers (WSA) is a bunch of motivated individuals who want to get together with other outdoor minded folks to share hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, dog walks, outdoor film festivals (indoors on winter nights), photography, road and mountain biking, rafting and other water sports; and, in season, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, winter camping (or huts), outdoor ice skating and so much more.

You are encouraged to BE ACTIVE in the group. MeetUps are about just that, actively meeting up with others with shared interests.

Being a'Western Slope' group we are attracting members from Delta/ Montrose, Paonia/ Hotchkiss, Rifle/ Glenwood Springs and other areas. When members want to generate activities in those outlying areas to be posted on the WSA calendar, that is great. Everything need not emanate from Grand Junction. As a matter of fact, we are excited about locals in a variety of areas posting activities so those of us from other areas can learn where to go with the various 'locals'. allows for a principle 'Organizer' and unlimited number of Assistant Organizers and Event Organizers . If you have an event you want posted to the calendar, you can then be designated as the event organizer. After you have initiated a few events you will probably be invited to become an Assistant Organizer (AO). It will be great if we can expand our network of AOs into all the various population centers of the Western Slope.

Western Colorado is a great place to live and we will meetup up to share it and make it even better , for ourselves, our group and and larger community.

Oh and by the way, if you are from Denver, Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs, Price or places even farther away, if you share our interests in getting outdoors, we welcome your membership.

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