Canceled Meetup

Rappelling Introduction before monthly potluck


Rappelling Introduction

(before monthly potluck at 7 PM)

and some skills building for more experienced canyoneers

For those who want to go canyoneering outings with WSA or who just wonder what this may be about; come on out. Due to limited time, ropes (and maybe gear) we will have to limit registrations to 15. You may only RSVP for yourself (for this and any future WSA rope-related events).

Experienced canyoneers please do not RSVP here (just let me know seperately that you will be attending). These 18 spots are for 1st, 2nd and 3rd timers on the rope.

We will need helpers those with 3 or more times on the rope) to make this a successful event for the new folks. If you have thebasic skills, please volunteer to help. There is no better way to see how well you know the skills than by teaching them to someone else. Others will be around to help you too, so please volunteer.


At 5:30 PM meet at the Serpents Trail parking lot (small lot along the left side of the road 1/3 mile inside CO Natl Mon entrance).

If you arrive late, walk about 3-4 minutes toward the Devil's Kitchen rock formation and we will be at the cliff on the left.


HELMET is REQUIRED of each participant (bike or boating or ski helmets are OK if that all you have) If you have these items (or can borrow in advance or rent), please bring:

Climbing Harness (do not buy one of these until you see &/or try some in action) Rappel Device (ATC, ATS, Figure 8, Piranah, etc) Carabiners (preferably locking carabiners; 2 or more. ~$8-15/each. Get the $8 kind and mark your gear) Leather or fake leather gloves to protect your hands from possible rope burns, rough sandsone and cactus spines. Available at Home Depot-type stores. Get snug fitting gloves, not the loose fitting gloves that many may use for activities like shoveling. ~$6-10/pair Running-type shoes or light hiking boots It will give everyone much more opportunity to rappel if everyone comes with the basic gear; HELMET REQUIRED and a climbing harness. Do not buy a harness until you have tried some or seen them on other people.

CMU outdoor program ( does rent this equipment so if you do not own or have anyone to borrow from, I suggest you contact them ( a week in advance to arrange rental.


Please take a few minutes to learn/ watch video/ read:

how to tie a Figure 8 on a bight ( basics (and beyond) on how to rappell ( essential rappelling equipment ( (bring what you have or can borrow; rent) There may be a very limited amount of gear available to borrow but it may have to be shared from one person to the next person so those wo have to share will get less opportunities to rappel.


Your participation in events like this one and longer week-night or weekend skills events will be expected from this point on if you want to participate in WSA canyoneering events. In the future, all new 'canyoneers' will have to have attended one or more of these types of events &/or be 'sponsored' by an expereinced member to participate in WSA canyoneering outings.


Doug Van Etten 970-433-4312

*** Acknowledgement of Risk ***

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Hiking, backpacking, road or mountain biking, water sports, skiing, snowshoeing, climbing, rappelling, canyoneering and other adventure sports are fun, but are not without risk. You are responsible for your own safety and staying within your own comfort limits. All Western Slope Adventurers events are unguided events. By participating in a WSA event, you acknowledge that you have a personal duty and responsibility for your own safety.

Western Slope Adventurers MeetUps are organized to provide a venue for outdoor enthusiasts to meet and have fun while sharing in experiences and adventures.

Neither the WSA MeetUp nor any event organizer assess the personal, technical and/or safety skills of participants; nor do they assess any event location to determine current conditions.

By your participation, you acknowledge that you have a personal duty and responsibility to (a) assess your own skills, honestly and accurately, to determine your suitability as a participant for each event, (b) seek adequate information to assess the difficulty of each event to determine if it is within your fitness and skill level, (c) seek adequate information about the current conditions in each area and the weather to assess potential risks to you by participating, and (d) evaluate other prospective event participants and to use your own judgment to determine their suitability for the event and how their participation may affect you.

All participants are encouraged and expected to:

honestly assess your skills to ensure each activity is within your ability assess your prospective fellow event participants accept responsibility for your own safety and comfort do your share of any teamwork involved share your ideas for situation assessment before and during an event speak up if you're having a problem speak up if you question what's going on or something that is being done, no matter who's doing it have all of the clothing, equipment and any other special items needed for the activity inform the event organizer or other designated participant if you are using medication (prescribed or otherwise) or have any medical condition that may affect your full participation in the event on any biking, canyoneering; or, river event that is class II difficulty or higher, wear a helmet, no exceptions have fun