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GREETINGS WISE WOMEN! Come fill your well through the magic of expressive/reflective writing. If you're a woman who wants to explore writing as a tool for self-nurturing, there is a place for you here. We focus on writing as a vehicle for emotional well-being and a way to retreat/restore balance. All women can benefit, whether or not you consider yourself a writer. The group is free but you will need to join Meetup to participate. Looking forward to writing with you!

This is the place for you if you...

• Yearn to create or strengthen a writing practice that brings you back to your own deep wisdom

• Gain insight and inspiration from listening to other women's writing

• Long for time to regularly visit, nourish and replenish your well

• Wants space to step away from life’s distractions, and reflect/return to yourself

You can choose how much you'd like to be involved in our group based on your needs...

• Dip your toe in the water during our in-person expressive writing practice meetups and our virtual live seasonal writing retreats. You're welcome to come as often as you like, as long as space is available. Half the time we meet in person in my cozy Santa Rosa office, and the rest of the time we meet on a virtual conference call. All writing practice meetups and virtual retreats are FREE.

• Dive in to the full experience with the four-month Wisdom Tending Women's Group & Writing Circle (NOW FULL). Click here for more information: https://wiselifetherapy.com/womens-group-santa-rosa/


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HI, I'M PATTY BECHTOLD, your guide for Wise Women Writing to Replenish and Renew.

I’m a licensed psychotherapist, a board certified life coach and a writer. I've studied at the Therapeutic Writing Institute, and I absolutely love facilitating and being part of groups where like-minded women come together to create, write and share experiences. If you’d like to contact me or know a little more about me or just say hello, please visit me here: https://wiselifetherapy.com/about-patty-bec... (https://wiselifetherapy.com/about-patty-bechtold-counselor-life-coach/)


YOU'RE INVITED...join the WiseLife Therapy & Coaching Community and get a free guided meditation as well as monthly Wisdom Notes: https://madmimi.com/signups/27826/join (https://madmimi.com/signups/27826/join%C2%A0)



Simply put, expressive writing is personal writing that you do for yourself, not necessarily to achieve a certain outcome or publication. It focuses on the transformative process of writing rather than the product.

We focus on expressive writing/reflective journaling as a vehicle for mindfulness, a sanctuary and respite in and of itself, a way to retreat, reset and restore balance in your life. We also explore what makes it challenging for us to replenish and renew, as we move towards creating sustainable practices that honor our needs for self-care and self-renewal.

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Disclaimer: This is not a therapy group

Although I'm a licensed psychotherapist, and expressive writing can be healing and therapeutic, Wise Women Writing is not a therapy group. If you have any questions about whether it meets your needs, please contact me. If you attend and I determine that it does not meet your needs, or I determine that participating in the group puts you or other members at risk, I will discuss it with you and I will have the option to remove you from the group.

Upcoming events (2)

FREE: Expressive/reflective writing for replenishing & renewing

WiseLife Therapy & Coaching

***Welcome! Let's experience expressive/reflective writing together. Bring your journal and a pen; there will be snacks and water available too. We'll spend the first 15 minutes talking briefly about expressive writing and how it helps us replenish and renew. Then we'll start writing, first with a short writing activity to center us and bring us into the present. Later, I’ll read a poem, passage and/or a prompt and guide you through a longer writing session. We’ll focus on writing techniques and approaches that have the potential to replenish, renew and increase optimism and joy. After writing you’ll be invited to share what the experience was like for you, as well as read your writing aloud. You’ll be encouraged (but never pressured) to read, and we don't critique each other's writing in any way. We simply listen without judgment, and respond only with a heartfelt thank you for allowing us to witness you and your writing. ***THIS IS A FREE MEETUP FOR ALL MEMBERS OF WISE WOMEN WRITING TO REPLENISH & RENEW. RSVP's open 4 weeks before its scheduled date. We meet about 8 times a year, through a combination of in-person gatherings and live virtual retreats.

WISDOM TENDING: FULL! Women's group/writing circle for women in midlife

WiseLife Therapy & Coaching


THE WISDOM TENDING CIRCLE IS FULL WOMEN HAVE BEEN CIRCLING UP FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. We come together to listen and be heard. We share space, we offer an ear. And in these days of distraction and confusion, the circle is a sacred space, a lifeline back to ourselves. IF YOU'RE A WOMAN IN MIDLIFE OR BEYOND, there is a place for you here. A place to tend your deepest wisdom in the company of a small group of women (8 max), and use personal/reflective writing practices to come home to yourself. ****************************************************************************** To learn more and get details, please follow this link to my website: https://wiselifetherapy.com/womens-group-santa-rosa/ ****************************************************************************** WISDOM TENDING is a confidential women’s circle as well as an invitation to experience personal/reflective writing practices. WISDOM TENDING offers real support, live connection and taking the time to nurture your life and yourself. WISDOM TENDING helps you move away from the distractions and chatter of daily life and move towards the feelings, behaviors, experiences and practices that matter most to you. LET'S WRITE OUR WAY TO WISDOM TOGETHER Reflective writing not only nurtures and nourishes, but also opens the channel to our wise, intuitive selves. During our circles we write as a way to peer beneath the surface, to unveil what has been hidden and return to what matters most. We also write for the joy of it, letting our pens flow and trusting that our imaginations will take us where we need to go. And most certainly, we write to come alive. You don’t have to consider yourself a writer to be a part of Wisdom Tending. If the sound of it stirs a longing within you, then you are in the right place. WISDOM TENDING 2019... --->Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:30pm PST in my cozy Santa Rosa office, meeting twice a month. --->Investment: $115/month - automated payments for four months, or $420 if paid in full at the beginning. --->Dates: January 30, February 13 + 27, March 13 + 27, April 10 + 24, May 8 ABOUT ME: I'm a licensed psychotherapist and a board certified life coach with a private practice in Santa Rosa. My great and growing love for women's circles began many years ago. Click here to learn more about my story: https://wiselifetherapy.com/womens-circle-santa-rosa/ ******************************************************************************** BECAUSE OF THE INTIMATE AND CONFIDENTIAL NATURE OF THIS GROUP, PARTICIPANT'S IDENTITIES ARE NOT REVEALED ON THE MEETUP PAGE.

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