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GREETINGS WISE WOMEN! Come fill your well through the magic of reflective writing and soulful journaling.

If you're a woman who wants to explore writing as a tool for self-nurturing, there is a place for you here. We focus on writing...

• as a vehicle for emotional well-being

• a sanctuary and respite in and of itself

• a way to retreat, reset and restore balance

We also explore what makes it challenging for us to replenish and renew, as we move towards creating sustainable practices that honor our needs for self-care and self-renewal.

***Our live gatherings are now offered by Zoom or virtual conference call, and will likely continue until there is a cure or a vaccine for COVID-19. So far we've had some excellent experiences meeting this way, so I hope you'll join us.***

Now that we're no longer meeting in person, please join my Wise Women Writing Community mailing list. This makes it so much easier for both of us and you'll be able to skip the Meetup process altogether. You'll automatically get updates of our gatherings directly from me, but you're never obligated to attend. However, you'll always get the recordings afterwards. Join the list here:



•FREE ONLINE REFLECTIVE WRITING GATHERINGS. They're specifically designed to help you deepen your experience of writing/journaling, and are offered live at least four times a year, with additional pre-recorded workshops (without the live gathering). You can attend in real time, or simply listen to the recordings afterwards.

•SOULFUL JOURNAL WRITING CIRCLE. An intimate, ongoing (every other week) women's writing circle meets seasonally, 8 times during fall and 8 times during winter/spring. Limited spaces available, announced on Meetup when spots open up. Read more here and be the first to know when registration opens by adding your name to the waitlist: https://wiselifetherapy.com/writing-circle/

• WISDOM TENDING WOMEN'S CIRCLE FOR WOMEN IN MIDLIFE AND BEYOND. Currently under renovation, returning in 2021. An ongoing (monthly) women's circle, a mix of group support, coaching and writing process. You receive supporting resources, including a journey guide with PDF's and audio recordings. I'll announce it on Meetup later this year. Go here for detailed information and to get on the waitlist: https://wiselifetherapy.com/womens-group-santa-rosa/


BY THE WAY, I'M PATTY BECHTOLD, your guide for Wise Women Writing to Replenish and Renew.

I’m a licensed psychotherapist, board certified life coach, wisdom seeker and writer. I've studied at the Therapeutic Writing Institute, and I absolutely love facilitating and being part of groups where like-minded women come together to create, write and share experiences. If you’d like to contact me or know a little more about me or just say hello, please visit me here: https://wiselifetherapy.com/about-patty-bec... (https://wiselifetherapy.com/about-patty-bechtold-counselor-life-coach/)



Simply put, it's personal writing that you do for yourself, not necessarily to achieve a certain outcome or publication. It focuses on the transformative process of writing. However, we often discover that this kind of writing leads to other kinds of writing, such as poetry, articles, books and blog posts.

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Disclaimer: Wise Women Writing to Replenish and Renew is not a therapy group

Although I'm a licensed psychotherapist, and reflective writing/soulful journaling can be healing and therapeutic, Wise Women Writing is not a therapy group. If you have any questions about whether it meets your needs, please contact me.

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