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Welcome to the Meetup Hike & Outdoor Group!!!

Switzerland is a hiking paradise, with trails covering almost the whole country...but there is more to see: majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and evergreen fields, just to mention few things. Since 2007 we have been organizing many, many hikes and other outdoor activities throughout the year. In Summer we do not only hiking, but also Rafting, Canyoning, Biking, Inline Skating and Climbing (Vía Ferrata). In Winter, we concentrate on Cross Country Skiing, Sledging (Sledding), Ice Skating, Ski Touring and Snowshoeing, as well as the traditional Alpine Skiing.

We are an international group, with people coming from all over the world ranging from Australia to the Americas. Our events are designed for everyone to participate, from beginners to advanced hikers.

If you are someone seeking to get to know the hiking paradise of Switzerland, do some exercise on the weekend and to get to know some really cool people, you came to the right place.

So get up from that couch and join us to enjoy together what Switzerland has to offer in nature and beauty.

See you then!

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T4 Hike Rophaien 2'078m

In the train

HIKE: Eggberge 1'446m - Gruonwaldhubel - Unter Ricki - Franzen 1'454m - Rophaien 2'078m - Roten Chöpf - Äbneter Stöckli 2'087m - Chön Chulm - Hühenderegg 1'873m - Eggberge 1'446m HIKE DATA: - Duration: 6-7h (plus breaks) - Distance: 15.3km - Ascent: 1'300m - Descent: 1'300m - SAC Classification: T4 (blue-white) TRAIN: 07:32 Zürich HB IC2 to Flüelen 08:50 Arrival at Flüelen & 15 minute walk to cable-car 09:39 Arrival at Eggberge Bergstation CABLE-CAR: http://www.eggberge.ch/seilbahn/preisetickets/ Map 1: https://map.schweizmobil.ch/?lang=de&land=wanderland&route=all&layers=Wanderland%2CStation&bgLayer=pk&logo=yes&season=summer&trackId=6196415 Map 2: https://s.geo.admin.ch/84f63ddc63 COST: - Zürich to Flüelen & return: CHF 27.- w/HT - Cable-car Eggberge up & down: CHF 20.- DISCLAIMER: NOT a guided tour but a meetup of experienced hikers. Everybody is responsible for his own actions and decisions.

Magic 2-day hike from Voralpsee to Amden, approx. 6 h/day, 1000m up/down, T2

Let's hike on the Toggenburger Höhenweg, along the Churfürsten, also known as the “Toblerone-Mountains”, with an excellent view to the Alpstein (Säntis) and later to the Walensee. You meet in Zürich on Saturday 19.10. and take the train IC3 leaving 7:37 to Sargans. In Sargans you take the bus no. 790 to Grabs. You will meet me in this bus. In Grabs you take the bus 412 up to Voralp, Kurhaus, from where we start the hike. The route will depend on the weather conditions. Later in the afternoon we will find our small hut near Sellamatt. The hut is exclusively booked for our group and it is very simple. Together we will make a simple dinner (pasta with a vegetarian sauce) and take a glass of wine. On Sunday we will start after a small breakfast (Müesli with milk, tea, coffee) towards Selun. With good weather we could make a detour on the Leistchamm, with an excellent view. Final destination is Arvenbühl, from where we take the bus down to Ziegelbrücke with perfect connetions to Zürich and other places. For both days there are alternative bad weather routes on an altitude of 1000 to 1500m, which are also very nice. So there is basically no cancelling due to bad weather. The price for the 2-day-trip is 45.- CHF, the deadline for the payment is Oct. 11th. It includes the hut rental, side costs like water, fire wood and electricity, a simple dinner and a simple breakfast. Note that your participation on the tour depends strictly on the sequence of your payment, and not on the MeetUp application. If you want to cancel the trip I cannot refund the payment, but of course you can find an alternative person to take over your spot. Soon after your application I will send a bank account where to send the payment. What you have to bring: good shoes, rain protection, sun protection, drinks and snacks for the hike and may be for own preference for dinner or breakfast as well (we will most probaly pass no shop) and a good vibe. For the night you need a sleeping bag, a towel and your personal needs, like ear plugs for those being sensitive to snoring, etc. Disclaimer: The organizer is not responsible in any way for anything that can happen during the hike. Outdoor activities involve risks. Everyone joins on their own judgement and responsibility. This is not a guided tour.

Three Sisters – Three Countries (T3+ & option for T4)

Zurich HB - Under the blue angel hanging from the ceiling.

Let's hope for good weather this coming Saturday to tick-off another item off the to-do list: «Drei Schwestern» in Liechtenstein! (With the route briefly touching Austria, this makes it three countries for the day.) This tour comes with TWO options, T3+ and T4, and everyone can choose based on their preferences. (NOTE: If the weather forecast requires it, I might change region & hike.) ############################## THE HIKE: - Duration: 6h (plus breaks) - Distance: 12km - Ascent/descent: 1'000m/1'650m - Maximum altitude: 2'104m OPTION 1: - SAC classification: T3+ (red-white) - By-passes the T4 «Drei Schwestern-Steig» to the east but still includes the challenging «Fürstensteig» - See pictures! - SAC Scale explained: http://www.alpenwanderleiter.ch/wa_files/Structure_20oft_20the_20SAC_20Trekkingscale.pdf - Map: https://map.schweizmobil.ch/?lang=de&land=wanderland&route=all&layers=Wanderland%2CStation&photos=yes&bgLayer=pk&logo=yes&season=summer&trackId=6190395 OPTION 2: - SAC classification: T4 (blue-white) - Across the T4 «Drei Schwestern-Steig» - Map: https://map.schweizmobil.ch/?lang=de&land=wanderland&route=all&layers=Wanderland%2CStation&photos=yes&bgLayer=pk&logo=yes&season=summer&trackId=6190398 HIGHLIGHTS: - https://www.schweizmobil.ch/de/wanderland/routen/route/etappe-01567.html - As the route partially crosses over into Austria, we will actually be in three countries in the course of the day. LUNCH: - Picnic OUTBOUND TRAVEL: 07:30h: Meet under the «Blue Angel» 07:40h: EC 163 direction Bludenz-Graz to Sargans 08:44h: Bus 11 (direction Feldkirch) Sargans to «Vaduz, Au» 09:16h: Bus 21 (direction Malbun) «Vaduz, Au» to «Triesenberg, Guferwald» 09:32h: Bus 22 (direction «Gaflei, Kurhaus») «Triesenberg, Guferwald» to «Gaflei, Kurhaus» 09:43h: Arrival & start of the hike RETURN TRAVEL: - Bus 26 from «Planken, Schulhaus» at 17:43h or 18:46h - Fall-back option: Bus at 19:46h - ETA Zürich HB: 19:23h or 20:23h (fall-back: 21:23h) COST w/HALBTAX: Total ticket cost CHF 41.- w/HT (plus drinks /food) Thereof: - Zürich HB to «Gaflei, Kurhaus»: CHF 20.30 w/HT - «Planken, Schulhaus» to Zürich HB: CHF 20.30 w/HT COST w/GA: Nichts – rien – nothing – nada ############################## DISCLAIMER: By joining the hike you accept the terms listed here. This is NOT a guided tour. Instead, this is a get-together of individuals who themselves are responsible for their judgement, choices and actions. It is your own responsibility to prepare appropriately before the event: You need to understand what activity is foreseen, assess the difficulty, risks and dangers and the expected weather conditions. Furthermore, you need to assess the requirements regarding experience, capabilities and fitness condition, and judge if you personally have the necessary experience, capabilities and fitness level. You yourself also need to assure adequate preparation, equipment (boots, clothes, gear...) and insurance cover and do everything as if you were going by yourself. During the event it is also your own responsibility to apply your own judgement and to take considerate responsible decisions yourself, fully within your own responsibility and judgement. The event is entirely at your own risk. The organiser also does not warrant on the accuracy or completeness of the description above. The organiser just offers you to join one another and to go together, but holds no responsibility for anything, including injuries or death that might result directly or indirectly from this event.

Moderate Mystery hike (20km, 1000m, 6-7 hours)

Zurich HB - Under the blue angel hanging from the ceiling.

The weather might not be ideal on Sunday but this hike will take place in any type of weather. Only sign up if you are weather proof and committed to attend. When you sign up (even on the waiting list, do send me your whatsapp number). Further hiking details (including meeting time and place will only be shared in the whatsapp group that I will create on Thursday).

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