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Hiking Week Morocco
I am organizing a hiking tour through Morocco. Read the details and let me know if you have any further questions. Morocco Jebel Saghro starting from Marrakech (8days) In the South East of Moroco you will find the Jebel Saghro as a part of the very old Anti Atlas mountain chain. It is the border to the Sahara desert. It is a spectacular mountainous, volcanic and cultural region. The landscape is full with rugged gorges and towering rock spires and home to some welcoming Berber in their tiny villages. During the trek we make bivouacs near the stone-built settlements of the nomadic Berbers which adds a wonderful culture element to this walking adventure. A nice highlight is the summit of Kouaouch (2600m). But also on other high passes we are rewarded with spectacular views across to the breath-taking peak of Mount Mgoun and the High Atlas Mountains. Perhaps even more spectacular are the dramatic twin towers known as Bab n'Ali (Ali's Gate) nestled in a landscape that resembles the magnificent Wild West. Day 01 Arrival airport Marrakech. Upon your arrival a transfer to your medina hotel is arranged. In the evening for dinner the group will meet with the local guide at the roof top terrace of the restaurant at Riad Omar. After dinner there is still time to visit the spectacle at famous and central square Djemaa-el-Fna beneath the imposing tower of the Koutoubia Mosque. Day 02 By minibus across the High Atlas to the Valley of 1.000 Kasbahs. After an early breakfast we set off on our journey across the High Atlas and the Tizi n'Tichka (2260m) pas. On the road we will take the opportunity to visit the old Kasbah village of Aït Benhaddou where former camel-caravans form Fes to Tombouctou were passing by (and had to pay for the shelter). After Ouarzazate we will enter into the valley of the Dadès river. This valley is also known as the Valley of the 1.000 Kasbahs. Wonderful fortified villages line our route as we drive through the valley towards our first night at Tagdilt. Here we overnight in a simple village house which is the perfect cultural introduction and also means tomorrow we can start walking directly from our Berber home. Day 03 Walking Tagdilt to Tizi Ouzarzam. After waking up we'll enjoy breakfast and meeting our trek crew. Mules will be loaded and then we set off walking. We'll leave the tiny settlement of Tagdilt by way of a small oasis dotted with fields of barley and slopes of fig trees. Our trail takes us through a beautiful valley before we start climbing up the volcanic mountains of Jebel Saghro. This dramatic area is full of deep gorges and red rocky peaks and hopefully along the way we'll pass an Ait Atta nomadic camp. We will meet ocal shepherds grazing their flock of goat and sheep which gives us the perfect excuse for a rest before heading over the Tizi Ouzarzam Pass (2300m). After descending we will reach the spot where we will make our bivouac. Walking ca. 6 hrs.; climbing: 1050m / descent 450m Day 04 Ascent of Mount Kouaouch (2600m) and descent to Tassigdelt. Today we start by enjoying a camp breakfast before preparing for the ascent of Mount Kouaouch (2600m). As one of the most prominent peaks in the region, Kouaouch is an important part of the Saghro region. The area of the Saghro is one of the driest regions in the Atlas Mountain Range, with the word Saghro meaning drought in the Tamazight Berber language. Annual rainfall ranges between 100m and 300m, therefore the end result is an incredible lunar landscape. On reaching the highest point of our journey, the summit of Mount Kouacouch we are rewarded with incredible views, especially of one of the most beautiful mountains in Africa, the snow-capped peak of Mgoun. With its dramatic ridge and majestic summit, Mount Mgoun is beautiful and dominates the horizon. However to our south we'll be able to the see the magnificent Sahara Desert stretching out into the distance. After the all-important summit photos of the surrounding deep valleys and prominent rock formations, we'll descend to our campsite near the rocks of Tassigdelt. Walking ca. 6hrs.; climbing 550m. / descent 1150m Day 05 From plateau Tadaout ‘n Tablah to Bab n Ali. After our summit attempt yesterday, we can enjoy a day of total contrasts as we head up onto the high plateaus of the Tadaout 'n Tablah. This incredible region is famed for its amazing rock formations and high grazing areas of the semi-nomadic Ait Atta Berbers. This Berber tribe have been in Morocco longer than the Arabs and the arrival of Islam in the 7th Century. During the 15th and 19th Century they were the leading Berber tribe, originating from the mountains of South Morocco. In the 16th Century they became a strong political force in the Jebel Saghro and up to now they are still traditionally nomadic. This incredible landscape is part of their lifestyle and as we walk we are sure to meet them whilst surrounded by remarkable rock formations. With the most impressive one being Bab-n-Ali meaning Ali’s gate (door). We will make our bivouac not for form these impressive rocks near a small ‘auberge’. Walking ca. 6 hrs; climbing 300m. / descent 650m. Day 06 Bab n Ali to Hanedour. Today we head deeper into this region of rock formations and monoliths. Trails here are still used as trade routes with the neighbouring Sahara Desert and as we head to the foothills on the opposite side of the Jebel Saghro, we'll walk through a number of small villages, hamlets and farms in the Hanedour Valley. The small local farms in this area have carefully irrigated plots of land, which grow wheat, clover, carrots, tomatoes and orchards of almond trees. After a wonderful final day of walking we'll set up camp and prepare for our last night under the stars. Walking ca 6 hrs; climbing 250m. / descent 450m. Day 07 Transfer to Marrakech. After breakfast and goodbye to our local “equipe” we start our transfer back to Marrakech. Heading towards the snow-capped Atlas peaks we will cross the Drâa River and drive through an area of striking rock formations with the pas Tizi-n-Tinififft before arriving in Ouarzazate. We'll drive over the Tizi n'Tichka Pass before arriving in Marrakech late afternoon. After checking in at the group hotel there will be some time to explore at leisure in this legendary city. Maybe check out the remarkable central square of the Djemaa-el-Fna where at around 4 pm it becomes the focus of activities for local people and tourists. Day 08 Visit Marrakech – transfer to airport. For anyone with an evening flight, the remainder of the day is free to explore the streets, souks and colourful sights of Marrakech. A popular option is to simply sit and watch the world go by from one of the restaurants overlooking the Djemaa-el-Fna. The price for the whole tour will be 830 CHF. NOT included: Flights, insurance, lunch on day 2 and day 7, dinner on day 7, tips.

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