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We are the Silicon Valley Chapter for the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) (http://www.aaii.com) and our mission is to educate and empower individual investors in their quest for achieving financial independence. To that end, we strive to bring compelling and accomplished speakers to present timely, relevant and actionable information on personal financial planning, wealth building, and investing.

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* See our website at http://www.siliconvalleyaaii.org

The AAII Silicon Valley Chapter holds several monthly events:

* Main Events features renowned speakers on a variety of topics! A nominal fee of $10 to attend covers the overhead of speaker costs, facility rental and event expenses.

* Free to attend: Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetups meet monthly on four topics: 1. Financial Planning SIG; 2. Investment Discussion SIG; 3. Computerized Investing SIG; and 4. FinTech SIG.

We are not here to sell anything - only to create an open and friendly environment for like-minded people to learn, share and explore investing. We are an all-volunteer organization and are always seeking additional members who can help with various planning and administrative issues.

We protect your privacy and work to prevent any spam from being posted to our website or to your email account.

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Feel free to contact us at mailto:aaiichapter_siliconvalley@yahoo.com with any questions, comments or feedback. This is YOUR organization!

You can visit us at our Silicon Valley Chapter website (http://www.siliconvalleyaaii.org/). and at our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/sv.aaii/).

The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) (http://www.aaii.com) is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1978 for the purpose of assisting individuals in becoming effective managers of their own assets through programs of education, information and research. National membership is $29 per year, but you do NOT need to be a member to attend our local Silicon Valley Chapter meetings and events.

Now for the legal stuff.... (sorry, it's required)

The AAII Silicon Valley Chapter and its directors offer their social media and website pages for educational purposes only. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of AAII or the AAII Silicon Valley Chapter, whose only intent is to provide a background for understanding investment, personal finance and wealth management theory and practice. Nothing on these sites should be considered solicitations or offers to buy or sell any financial instrument or specific trading advice for individuals. The appearance of information or links to other sites does not constitute endorsement by AAII, the AAII Silicon Valley Chapter or their directors. Investing and trading carry risk and may not be suitable for everyone; we recommend augmenting the information here with advice from a financial professional. Any investment information is provided without consideration of your financial sophistication, financial situation, investing time horizon, or risk tolerance. The AAII Silicon Valley Chapter and its directors make no representations of accuracy and assume no responsibility

Upcoming events (2)

Risk Management/Insurance

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Rescheduled because host has COVID.

This is a free event! Attend remotely on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85876429945

Risk Management/Insurance


Bring your questions for group discussion and knowledge sharing!

A full lineup of courses annually, in this Financial Planning Discussion SIG. 2022/ 2023 topics and dates (Second Wednesday):

  • September 14, 2022: Financial Planning … The Big Picture
  • October 12, 2022: Investing Part 1
  • November 9, 2022: Investing Part 2
  • December 14, 2022: Taxes
  • January 11, 2023: Retirement Planning … I
  • February 8, 2023: Retirement Planning … II
  • April 12, 2023: Risk Management/Insurance
  • May 10, 2023: Social Security and Medicare
  • June 14, 2023: Estate Planning
  • July 12, 2023: Case Study


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  • AAII-Silicon Valley website: http://www.siliconvalleyaaii.org/
  • AAII Silicon Valley YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC4GepcU8lzx8rZMaWNBeJtA
  • AAII Silicon Valley Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sv.aaii/
  • National AAII: http://www.aaii.com/


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April 2023 Investment Discussion Group Meeting

Needs a location

This is a FREE Event! Attend remotely on Zoom:
Path: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82632867962
AAII Silicon Valley Investment Discussion Group!
Lets explore and discuss dozens of investment ideas in a relaxed, small group setting with savvy investors!

  • What happened in the first quarter of 2023?
  • What would you invest in today? What would you sell?
  • Will the SP500 continue wandering? Will Commodities prices drop?
  • What stock did you buy recently and what stock did you sell? Why?
  • What has the Bear market taught you, what changes will you make?
  • How high will interest rates go in 2023? Is the next +1/4 point the last?
  • Individual investor sentiment? Current investment risks?
  • What is the best dividend-paying stock, and why?
  • Do you have a retirement plan? Are you following it?
  • How to create a retirement plan and follow it? What to do.
    Questions? Feel free to reply on Meetup or email AAII-SV at: [masked]


Please check out:
AAII-Silicon Valley website: http://www.siliconvalleyaaii.org/ and
AAII Silicon Valley Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sv.aaii/
AAII Silicon Valley YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/channel/UC4GepcU8lzx8rZMaWNBeJtA
AAII National: http://www.aaii.com/

Past events (292)

March 2023 Investment Discussion Group Meeting

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