• Risk Management/Insurance

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    Rescheduled because host has COVID.

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    Risk Management/Insurance


    Bring your questions for group discussion and knowledge sharing!

    A full lineup of courses annually, in this Financial Planning Discussion SIG. 2022/ 2023 topics and dates (Second Wednesday):

    • September 14, 2022: Financial Planning … The Big Picture
    • October 12, 2022: Investing Part 1
    • November 9, 2022: Investing Part 2
    • December 14, 2022: Taxes
    • January 11, 2023: Retirement Planning … I
    • February 8, 2023: Retirement Planning … II
    • April 12, 2023: Risk Management/Insurance
    • May 10, 2023: Social Security and Medicare
    • June 14, 2023: Estate Planning
    • July 12, 2023: Case Study


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  • April 2023 Investment Discussion Group Meeting

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    AAII Silicon Valley Investment Discussion Group!
    Lets explore and discuss dozens of investment ideas in a relaxed, small group setting with savvy investors!

    • What happened in the first quarter of 2023?
    • What would you invest in today? What would you sell?
    • Will the SP500 continue wandering? Will Commodities prices drop?
    • What stock did you buy recently and what stock did you sell? Why?
    • What has the Bear market taught you, what changes will you make?
    • How high will interest rates go in 2023? Is the next +1/4 point the last?
    • Individual investor sentiment? Current investment risks?
    • What is the best dividend-paying stock, and why?
    • Do you have a retirement plan? Are you following it?
    • How to create a retirement plan and follow it? What to do.
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  • May Main Event: Contrarian Analysis with Mark Hulbert

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    Join our event to hear from Mark Hulbert on Why Contrarian Analysis Works

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    Why Contrarian Analysis Works, and what it's now saying in the stock, gold and bond arenas
    Mark Hulbert - Founder, Hulbert Financial Digest; Columnist for Dow Jones and Callaway Climate Insights

    For over four decades Mr. Hulbert has been meticulously calculating the real-world returns of investment newsletters. One of the more fascinating lessons to emerge from this enormous database is that the markets tend to struggle in the wake of extreme bullishness--and vice versa. Armed with this historical context, Mr. Hulbert will discuss current market timer sentiment in the stock, gold and bond arenas and what it signifies.

    1. Sentiment patterns emerging from an analysis of 40+ years of investment newsletters
    2. Implications of these patterns for the market's short-term prospects
    3. Analysis of current market timer sentiment in the stock, gold and bond arenas

    Mark Hulbert is a seasoned financial expert with over four decades of experience analyzing investments and market trends. He is adept at translating complex investment concepts as a columnist, newsletter editor, frequent guest on TV and radio and leader of investment seminars and workshops. In 1980, Hulbert founded the Hulbert Financial Digest (HFD) to objectively rate the performance of investment advisory newsletters. The HFD was bought by CBS MarketWatch in 2002, which in turn was acquired by Dow Jones.

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