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Taking self-organisation the next mile with LeSS and a Liberating Structure!
[masked] Food & drinks [masked] Pitch sponsor [masked] Taking self-organisation the next mile with LeSS. [masked] Break [masked] Liberating Structures: Troika Consulting [masked] Drinks Organisations typically add many roles to compensate for all kinds of problems. If we’ve had problems with products crashing in production, we add a CAB (Change Advisory Board) to check that new products that are deployed to production will not create problems. Or if teams don’t attend to a good architecture, we appoint architects above the teams to take care. The LeSS scaling method strongly advises against this. Each ‘compensating role’ will lead to teams that take less care of this topic. The LeSS course taught me to go back to a pure form of Scrum, making organisations more agile. In this session we will explore this topic and see how lean an organisation could become. The first speaker is André Heijstek. He leads the company Valueminds that seconds scrum masters, agile coaches and product owners to several companies. André has a background in CMMI where he has been responsible to add many roles to organisations and he strongly regrets the bureaucracy he has created in that part of his life. 10 years ago he changed his mind, slowly but surely adopted an agile mindset, worked as scrum master and agile coach for several organisations. Liberating structures: Troika Consulting As a wrap up for the main subject we will do a string of liberation structures ending up with the Troika Consulting structure. During the Troika Consulting you will get a personal consult about the question you have regarding to “Taking self-organisation the next mile with LeSS”. The Consult will be given by your peer. In groups of three you will do tree round of peer-to-peer consulting. Each round one of the peers will be the “consultee” and the others the “consultants”. The second topic will be facilitated by Ronald van den Heiligenberg. He enjoys and is passionate about his work at Strypes. He strongly beliefs in the power of teamwork. Creating personal and team flow and focus is key to success. In the beginning of this year liberating structures got his interest, so he started to explore. He really likes the fact that liberating structures makes you feel included and engaged in conversations as meetings, discussions or presentations.


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We zijn een onafhankelijke organisatie van en voor Agile practisanten in Nederland. Het is onze missie om het toepassen van Agile principes en praktijken te promoten. Deze website is een van de middelen om dat te bereiken.

We are an independent organization of, and for Agile practitioners in the Netherlands. It is our mission to apply Agile principles and promote practices. This website is one of the means to achieve that.

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