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What we’re about

What is Agile Leadership? <br>

Agile Leadership is the application of the Agile principles (as defined in the Agile Manifesto) to the leadership of software development projects and teams.

In addition to encompassing the core values of Agile methodologies like Scrum, XP, Kanban and Lean, Agile Leadership aims to extrapolates them to improve how teams are managed within the context of the work environment and introduce a new leadership paradigm to help teams consistently deliver better results.

Our Mission

To build a strong community where Agile Leaders can grow by sharing knowledge and learning from each other.

Event Formats

Our events will mostly be experiential workshops facilitated by Agile Leaders from various industries. Topics will be selected by the community to ensure only the most relevant topics are covered.

Target Audience

You are a leader (e.g. Director of x, Head of x, Development/Delivery Manager, Agile Coach, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Technical Lead/Architect, Team Lead, etc) in a product development or service based organisation and would like to learn more about the human side of Agile and/or share your experiences with fellow Agile Leaders

Want to learn more about Agile?

If you are not not a leader (yet) and/or not familiar with Agile Development then you may wish to checkout Agile 101, Agile Coaching Exchange and London Agile Discussion Group <br>