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What we’re about

Succeeding with agile has expanded from mastering the brilliant basics and scaling agile software, to enhancing overall organisational agility. Leadership plays a critical role to drive the success of any agile transformation. Agile leaders must encourage and empower cross-functional teams, providing an environment where they are aligned, engaged, accountable, responsible, and delivering on requirements. 
The Agility Leadership Network connects all Agile enthusiasts, practitioners and experts to share ideas, learn from one another, and collaborate through a global community that aspires to make a difference. 
This group will provide you with an opportunity to learn from people who have had agile successes and failures, to learn about tools and practices that work, and connect with a community of peers. We’ll be hosting meetups, webinars and panel events on the most relevant agile topics, and connecting with other leading agile channels and groups. 
We hope you participate actively in this community, ask questions, post insights, and join conversations. We’re here to build an inter-connected agile community across the wide range of agile topics, for and by agile leaders and practitioners, and we can only do that with your help. So please join in on the fun, and together we can help to improve outcomes across our membership base.
Historic meetups can be seen on our Agility Leadership Network YouTube channel: