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What we’re about

This meetup welcomes conversation on the cutting edge of APIs, from cloud to business models. We encourage all developers, providers and consumers of APIs to gather and discuss innovations, opportunities and tactical or strategic problems faced.

We've seen a lot of conversation and change going on in the API space, driven by cloud computing, SaaS, open source and other disruptions, and would like to get the community together to see how we can work together and come up with ideas on how to make IT, business and development better by managing and harnessing the power of open APIs. Private APIs are a part of today's technology mix as well, so we also invite discussion of open vs. private approaches and how to best enable them to work together.

Topics to address include:

  • Design
  • Documentation
  • Managing multiple APIs
  • Working with cloud APIs
  • Supporting developer communities
  • API standards and interoperability
  • Security/managing access and permissions with APIs
  • What makes a good API (or a bad one)
  • Enterprise adoption
  • Tools, PaaS and vendors in the API economy
  • Other ideas welcome!!

Feel free to email the organizers if you have ideas, events, venues, etc to contribute.