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Welcome to the Narragansett Chapter Meetup site, sponsored by the Narragansett Chapter (http://www.amcnarragansett.org/) of the AMC. (Joining this Meetup Group does not automatically make you a member of the AMC.)

The purpose of our Meetup group is to offer some of the AMC's outdoor events so others can become acquainted the Narragansett Chapter. As a Meetup members you have no obligation to join the AMC by attending the various events offered by our Meetup site, and you may attend as long as you wish, but if you enjoy participating in our Meetup events, we hope you will consider joining the AMC (http://www.amcnarragansett.org/our_chapter/join/join_amc.shtml).

When you receive notification of a new event, the RSVP is to be answered only if you plan on attending the event. For the consideration of our leaders, if you have RSVP'ed that you will attend, please RSVP again if you find that you can not attend.

Our events are led by qualified AMC volunteers who are always concerned about safety and take measures to assure that any risk to participants is minimized.

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