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Have you often asked yourself "what is my purpose" and "what did I come here to do?" Have you thought about how you fit into our society and if you are following the path you were meant to follow? Have you tried to put metaphysical teachings into practice and didn't get the results you thought you would get? If you are thinking, waiting, wondering what, where, when and why as it pertains to your own existence, then we are the right group for you. We will explore these subjects in great detail and give you the practical tools it takes to access spiritual awakening and awareness and apply it in very practical and perceptive ways. Explore your origins, why you are here, your purpose, and living joyously. Join us today for our weekly group in Payson, AZ.  We are offering weekly Worldwide Conference calls and in person attendance in Payson or you may schedule an individual session.  We are waiting to help! Now is the time to awaken to who you are and what you are here for!

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