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There you are, in a meeting room with a wall of eyes glaring at you. You've spent the last month preparing for this career changing presentation, and right as you are about to say, "hello", you feel a tingle in your hands. Immediately, you notice your voice starting to shake, your right foot developing an uncontrollable jitter, and you lose all train of thought.

Now ever since that moment, you avoid presentations like a plague.
Does this all resonate with you? ... Don't worry that was all of us.

But, what if you could gain your composure in front of a crowd, gain a bit of confidence, and never avoid a presentation again?

If that sounds appealing to you, then join us in our weekly Toastmasters' meeting and witness the growth of our members who were once in your shoes! That way you too can gain crucial skills and discover yourself in the process.

We'll show you how through our weekly meetings where you'll prepare a speech in front of everyone, practice speaking on your toes, and observe other presentation styles. At the end of the meeting, you'll get metrics and feedback on pronunciation, grammar, accents, unnecessary words, and much more.

On top of that we are one of the original clubs in SIlicon Valley (over 20 years old) focused on providing a friendly and family atmosphere.

So whether you are a college student, or a working professional, we can help you gain your confidence and presence. Would you be interested in giving ArtICCulators a shot?
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