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What we’re about

This is a general purpose group for AI researchers, ML engineers, enthusiasts and professionals in the greater London area. We will discuss a broad range of topics and content types: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional.

For the beginner content, we will host events to discuss questions like how does someone break into the field of AI? What is AI vs ML vs DL? What AI topics or applications are you most interested in learning more about? What do you need to do to start learning about AI? AI is a deeply technical field so how can potentially participate in the field without actually needing to understand the nitty gritty details of each algorithm?

For the intermediate content, we will assume you have a semi-technical background and are actively working on AI applications but afraid to call yourself an expert. We will discuss topics like how can you get an intuitive understanding over certain AI topics? What are additional insights to gain from Precision vs Recall so that it sticks? How are you applying AI to your professional or academic problems? What are the most exciting new trends you have seen? Do you need help approaching a new AI problem or algorithm? Do you want to learn where to go to make sense of a new topic?

The advanced content will host mainly discussion sessions where experts can gain value from each other. You are likely either knee deep in a masters/PhD program or are working on AI applications professionally. You could be thinking about how to give back or how to help foster an AI community in your local region. What conferences should we attend? What new publications are interesting or revolutionary? Do you have an idea that perhaps you would like to discuss and get feedback for?

Professional content will be geared towards people working with Machine Learning and AI either through work professionally or as enthuasists. Professional content will be available for Product Managers, Data Scientists, Engineers, Investors and really anyone else interested in seeing how Machine Learning and AI will impact society at large.

We will host a few different types of events: FYI events for 1 to many communication, discussion events with many to many conversations, feedback sessions with many to 1 sessions [if requested] and finally just meet and greets so we regularly are able to build a proper London AI community.