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What we’re about

Welcome all Digital entrepreneurs, internet marketers , social media marketers, mobile commercers , ecommercers, online shop owners, retailers , new startup and all who interest in mobile Tech.......

Let get inspired, think differently, let be the Disruptive force in the market.

We are a group of mobile commercers , IT professionals, web startups and entrepreneurs.

This group is for all those who not only want to become part of the meetup but also want to participate in Business introduction Preview , Tech Startups and New Ideas Night.

Come and learn more about Mobile Commerce this Super amazing rising platform.


This is also a group for networking, meeting, and to exchange Great ideas and All latest trends.


For merchants and Vendors, you will able to explore and market your products / services onboard our Ready mobile commerce platform .


We have several Different Free Workshops to accommodate people with different lifestyle, schedule, motivation and desires.


In ALL our FREE Workshops, you will learn


1. Insight into the Global Trends and Issues relating to the E-commerce Industry today.

2. How to leverage on mobile commerce online business and make the Whole World your Playground.

3. How mobile commerce business can help to generate Passive Income .

4. Internet Marketing for E-commerce Business .

5. Convert Social media platform to your profit generating tools.


We would also like to learn from you if you have ideas to share for all to learn and success together.


All Friends.....JOIN US now..... Cheers to All......