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What's food without its natural habitat of stories, people and places?

If you choose the love for food over #foodporn, if you believe that cooking and eating are mainly about discovery, joy and relationship (with nature, people, knowledge and places), this Meetup group is for you.

As Soup As Possible (http://assoupaspossible.com)is a project created by Angelica Vigilante (https://www.meetup.com/assoupaspossible/members/2396094/) to collects stories, (food-)travel notes and recipes under the sign of soup, where "soup" is another name for for comfort, warmth, nutritiousness and universality.
Soup seems to transcend cultures and cuisines: it belongs to the memory of anyone who ever owned a concept of home, and it speaks of cosiness, nurturing and sharing.
That's the spirit of this Meetup too.
Our meetings will always involve good food, but ultimately be about what food touches and implies: personal memories, family recipes, culinary traditions and explorations, nutrition, biodiversity, and the knowledge of food makers, professional cooks and passionate amateurs.

This group is a spin-off of AsSoupAsPossible.com (http://www.assoupaspossible.com), "a (possibly) warm, cosy and nutritious blog" with a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/assoupaspossible).
You can follow me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/assoupaspossible/) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/assoupaspossible/) or join the monthly newsletter (http://eepurl.com/cxRpzH).

Soup's on! I hope to see you soon!

TO BUY TICKETS TO AS SOUP AS POSSIBLE EVENTS, CLICK HERE AND VISIT OUR TICKET SHOP. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7PbY5PYvv4&index=4&list=PL9oPBkq-dIjrzcuYbtcpE3erEjUFE5wCT)


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EXTRA DATE | Discovering food photography at Foam - guided tour

Amsterdam Photography Museum (FOAM)

***Extra date!*** Considering the requests I got from those who didn't make it to secure a ticket for January 19th, I decided to book an extra date for us. Please remember the guided tour has a limited capacity and participation is only guaranteed when you buy a ticket from my online shop: https://assoupaspossible.stager.nl/web/tickets =========== Explore beyond #foodporn! Join As Soup As Possible on a guided tour of "Feast for the Eyes - The Story of Food in Photography" at Foam, and discover the visual history of food with us. The guided tour is provided by the department of Education of Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam. A professional guide will help us navigate the history of a photographic genre that is becoming part of our everyday life and culture. The guided part of the tour will last 60 minutes. Afterwards you will be free to continue your visit or join us at a nearby cafè, where we will share our impressions of the exhibition and chat over a drink. As Soup As Possible has booked a timeslot for the visit on behalf of the group. Please meet Angelica in front of the museum entrance between 10:50 and 10:55 AM, so we can start the programme on time. No access nor refunds are guaranteed for participants arriving after 11:00. === Only visitors who will have purchased a ticket via As Soup As Possible webshop will be granted access to this specific activity. To secure your ticket, please visit: https://assoupaspossible.stager.nl/web/tickets === This tour requires a minimum number of participants. If this number is not fulfilled, the event will be cancelled . In case of cancellation, guests with a valid ticket will be notified via email by December 8th (please make sure to provide a working email address) and the tickets refunded in full. The ticket is not issued by Foam and only grants access to the museum in combination with the guided tour coordinated by As Soup As Possible. === The exhibition "Feast for the Eyes - The Story of Food in Photography" is organised by the Aperture Foundation, New York. It can be seen between December 21st 2018 and March 9th 2019 at Foam,

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Aperitivo & Sourdough - Giveaway, Chats and Food.

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