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The ATOM Center has been in Anchorage since the 1970s and has weekly gatherings to explore all types of spirituality as was taught by many of the masters and teachers who have walked the earth with their message. You are invited to worship in your own ways, consider the connections we share across faiths and forge new paths to truth, wellness and understanding. each week we have a different speaker to share on a topic spiritually based that contributes to wellness of mind body and spirit.

Our New meeting place for our Sunday gatherings is now at the Centre on C - a great place to be...

6000 C Street ( Dowling and C) - you can go to the light at 64th and come to the back while construction is still going on Dowling! How ever you get there, we look forward to seeing you!

for Info call 907-227-0989

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Guided Hypnotic Meditation

Needs a location

This is a guided hypnotic meditation on happiness. You can bring a mat to lay on or neck support for sitting up in your chair. It is a relaxing hypnotic state of meditation to make you happier. There is a suggested donation of $10. For questions, you can call Phil at[masked]

ATOM Sunday Gathering-Speaker: David Windsor TOPIC: Consciousness

Needs a location

October 2, 2022
Speaker: David Windsor
TOPIC: Consciousness
Items that will be presented-

  1. What is Consciousness ?
  2. How we acquire knowledge of Stuff that is invisible.
  3. Levels of Consciousness and Altered States of Consciousness. 4. Benefits of Meditation and lowering brain activity to exercise creative forces from a deep conscious state.

BIO: Australian CPA and Theological College graduate with extensive business experience. I arrived in Alaska in 1984 with an Offshore Drilling Company as Administrative Manager. I subsequently assisted US Companies in obtaining footholds in Australia (including Baskin-Robbins) and joined the Real Estate Industry in Anchorage in 1990. I write regularly for the Anchorage Daily News and produce other publications.

Honoring the Divine Feminine Women's Circle-1st Tues of every month

Honoring the Divine Feminine Women's Circle.

A safe place for women to explore their Divine Feminine Energy. This circle is the 1st Tuesday of each month.
each month we will:
Honoring the DIVINE Feminine

  • Nurturing the divine feminine within
  • Life Teachings and lessons shared
  • Understanding the essence and Innate wisdom of the DIVINE Feminine

1st Tuesday of each month-
AT ATOM Center 6000 C Street[masked]

  • please be on time....if you need to leave early that is fine
    Love offering to pay for room...

ATOM Supports Meditation circle Every wed eve!

Needs a location

weekly circle meditation....sometimes in silence, sometimes guided, some times with drumming, bowls, music a perfect mid week pick me up

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ATOM Supports Meditation circle Every wed eve!

Needs a location

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