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Welcome to Auckland AWS Tools and Programming meetup group!

We're a group of developers, programmers, and other tech professionals passionate about AWS technology. We want to enable the opportunity for our community to come together to learn, discuss and share knowledge about AWS tools and best practices.

This meetup would include presentations and demos of tools, frameworks and services within the AWS ecosystem, and its focus would be on practical, hands-on learning and knowledge-sharing. The sessions will be interactive, where attendees can participate, share their experiences and collaborate on solutions if they like.

Our thoughts are to cover a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to, infrastructure within AWS, security, migrations, data, serverless, and more.

We are always looking for new speakers and topics, so if you are interested in presenting or have a suggestion, please let us know!

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AWS Community Day Aotearoa 2023


Register here: https://aws-community-day.nz/

AWS Community Day Aotearoa is an annual one-day, user-run single-day AWS technical conference planned, organized, and delivered by the AWS user group community leaders (much like a “Meetup of Meetups”).
The goal of the Community Day is to facilitate the exchange of information amongst the AWS user community. The presentations are all given by speakers who are fellow AWS users sharing knowledge with their peers.
This year’s event will be the first annual Community Day Aotearoa which will take place in Wellington, New Zealand.

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Register here: https://aws-community-day.nz/

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