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What we’re about


* Who should join: Technologists, developers, technical entrepreneurs, and anyone with interest in mastering and exploiting the technology behind legacy and emerging Blockchains. 

* Why should you join: Members will learn all about block chain technology and master the skills required to design, develop, and run Blockchains for personal, business, and society benefits.

* What can members expect out of the group: Hands-on tutorial-based weekly Meetups (free and premium) as well as bi-weekly technical discussion and presentation Meetups. The tutorials will guide members though the technology behind blockchains and provide hands-on opportunity to develop technical skills required to employ blockchain technology for beneficial use. The expectation is to offer member's the opportunity to develop technical knowledge and skills through technical tutorials, technical demonstrations, technical group discussions and presentations, vendor deep dives, and the opportunity to network with technical-minded entrepreneurs and technologists interested in the inner-workings of block chains.

* Community: Members will have the opportunity to develop their skills by designing, developing, and deploying blockchain solutions as well as develop proprietary blockchain technology, based on Bitcoin core or leading vendors solutions, like IBM Hyperledger fabric. This Meetup is for geeks interested in the technology. The Meetup is not about the business side of blockchains--there are many Meetups that offer blockchain business topics and interest. Austin Blockchain Technology is all about the bits and bytes that make blockchains tick! 

Join Now and  become an "Austin Blockchain Techie"!