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What we’re about

This group is for anyone interested in the presence, peace and joy of "awakening." You may have been practicing meditation and various mindful techniques for years yet still find higher states of awareness and the experience of nonduality to be elusive. This group will explore how to open up and live in expanded awareness through experiential exercises based on systemic constellation work and the sharing of personal experiences. While every path or philosophy is honored and has it place, it’s also true that "awaking up" is beyond any mental approach or concept. We will strive to be phenomenological in our discussions and stay grounded in what supports the realization of Being and pure consciousness as our true self. For more insight about our process check out these short videos with Harrison on spirituality and systemic constellation work: and

Check out this article on the Mystic's Guide to Long Distance Hiking:!Ag1S_dIeWnvegP5CXZbLnzp4bbDNGw

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