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This group is for anyone interested in the presence, peace and joy of "awakening." You may have been practicing meditation and various mindful techniques for years yet still find higher states of awareness and the experience of nonduality to be elusive. This group will explore how to open up and live in expanded awareness through experiential exercises based on systemic constellation work and the sharing of personal experiences. While every path or philosophy is honored and has it place, it’s also true that enlightenment is beyond any mental approach or concept. We will strive to be phenomenological in our discussions and stay grounded in what supports the realization of Being and pure consciousness as our true self.

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Bonding with Your True Self

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Everyone just about has some degree of adversity and trauma in their lives. If we learn and grow from adversity and then let it go that's wonderful. However, when the mind/body becomes identified with those wounds we lose touch with who we really are and our capacity to live life fully. Our coping mechanisms take over keeping us from integrating material that traps us in the past. Fortunately, we can choose to see and let go of those false identifcations and start remembering our True Self. Freedom and liberation is our natural state even though the burdens we feel may seem to indicate otherwise. Come explore systemically this letting go into and connecting with your True Self.

Starburst Transformation Workshop (four weekend afternoons in March)

The Starburst Healing process uses Systemic Constellation Work to explore and integrate the five, concurrent domains that limit your inner awareness of your true nature and full life expression. Those domains (the stresses in them) together can foster a "schema" that overlays your orginial blueprint and natural joy of Being. These stresses are from past lives, ancestral traumas, adverse childhood experiences, prenatal imprints and collective trauma/ social conditioning. This integrated, five-fold approach leads to deep healing and transformative insights that continue to unfold in daily life. Register on this meetup or for more information visit https://starburst2021.eventbrite.com

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