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This is a group for anyone interested in AWS. Every 3 to 4 weeks a meetup will be organized. This is an AWS meetup, so at least 70% of the talks are about AWS technology or automating, securing, optimizing AWS services.

Code of conduct (work in progress)

• Every 3 to 4 weeks a meetup will be planned.

• Talks should be at least 70% about AWS technology. Talks should not contain any marketing. We would like to see and approve the slide deck or other details about your talk, upfront. People should be able to learn from your presentation and use the knowledge, learnings, inspiration, without having to buy your product or service.

• If you want to support the location, food, and drinks, it must be in Amsterdam.

• We won’t cooperate with other meetup groups if you organize an AWS meetup in Amsterdam yourself.

• We kindly ask you to add a picture and your full name to your profile. If you have no picture, no history, and no real name, you cannot subscribe to meetups.

• You have until 3 days before a meetup to unsubscribe, otherwise, your absence is counted as a no-show. This applies for being on the waitlist as well.

• If you have 2 no-shows, you should not RSVP anymore. You will be moved to the waitlist.

• If you have more than 2 no-shows, you will be removed and blocked from this group.

• When you do not comply with these rules, we will remove you from the attendee and member list.

• You must be interested in the topics. Just-eaters are not welcome.

• Let us know if you want to rejoin this meetup group. We hope this won't be necessary ever, but might want to think about how to organise this for you.

• It’s strictly forbidden to actively recruit (direct approaching). Do a talk, and/or sponsor the location/food, and you are allowed to add one slide and promote your company for 1 minute.

• During meetups, videos and photos are made and shared on social media. If you don’t like it, hide, or don’t come to the meetups.

Upcoming events (2)

Dealing with BigData on Serverless from serverless experts

# Agenda 18:00 Registration, Pizza & Drinks 19:00 Architecture of Basic for handling big data for web app 19:50 Treating Big stream with Serverless(Case Study of DAZN) 20:30 Free talking 21:00 End # Speakers Marek Kuczynski (AWS Solution Architect) Yan Cui (Principal Engineer @ DAZN, AWS Serverless Hero) # Architecture of Basic for handling big data for web app by Marek Kuczynski (AWS Solution Architect @ AWS Netherlands) About the typical architecture of handling the huge requests on AWS. This session also provides you about serverless architecture in part of the Well-Architected. # Treating Big stream with Serverless(Case Study of DAZN) by Yan Cui (Principal Engineer @ DAZN, AWS Serverless Hero) https://theburningmonk.com/ About "What is one of the best practice for handling big stream(e.g: high rate, high frequency, handling huge requests at a moment) by using serverless.

AWS Deployment Framework Meetup @ AWS Amsterdam

!! Make sure your name on meetup.com corresponds with your ID card. You need to bring your ID card to the meetup. !! # Agenda 18:00 Food & Registration 19:00 AWS Deployment Framework 20:30 TBA 21:15 Drinks & Networking # AWS Deployment Framework Speakers: Koen van Blijderveen & Flynn Bundy (AWS) In this interactive session we will discuss and demonstrate deploying securely at scale from source control to production using the AWS Deployment Framework. With an AWS Organization as a target, we show you how to perform automated, multi-account, and multi-region deployments using services such as AWS Organizations, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild and AWS Cloudformation. After this session, you will be familiar with the capabilities of the open-source AWS Deployment Framework, how to use AWS to automate your deployments on AWS, and how to deploy into a multi-account and multi-region environment. Koen van Blijderveen is a Senior Security, Risk & Compliance Consultant with AWS Professional Services helping enterprise customers meet or exceed their security controls in the cloud. Flynn Bundy is a DevOps specialist at AWS focusing on helping customers build, scale and design cloud native software. 2nd Talk: TBA

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