What we're about

If you live in or near Bath or are simply enjoying visiting this beautiful city and the surrounding countryside with all that it has to offer then please read on:

I love Bath and the region and am looking for like minded souls, whether new to Bath and its environs or lifelong residents, to help make this meetup into a welcoming and rewarding social group in the area.

The aim of the group is to provide events that you will find enjoyable and sociable. These can for example include:
- Friendly get-togethers over coffee or drinks
- Trips to the cinema/theatre/pantomine etc
- Dining out
- Pub quizzes & games
- Entertainment/events such as bowling, music, comedy
- Walks/tours/occasional trips out
- Visits to festivals, exhibitions, art galleries, etc.

It only takes a second to smile
Quality is more important than quantity
If at first you don't succeed, never mind.

If you want to try out the Group give it a go. You may never look back!
Anyone who thinks they might like to host one or more events is particularly welcome although that is not a requirement of membership.

If you might be interested in hosting an event then please feel contact me as Group Organizer with an indication of what type of event you would like to host. The more people contribute to hosting events, the greater and more varied the fun for everyone!
I will personally bear the cost charged by the Meetup Organization for allowing the group to run on the meetup website for the first few months. After that I may seek for a small annual or voluntary contribution from members to cover that charge (any surplus will be reinvested in events).

Members are required to observe the rules of the Group which aim to assist harmony and respect and can be found at: https://www.meetup.com/bath-social-group/pages/29543934/Bath_Social_Group_Rules/

If you have any queries about the group please contact me!

Let's make Bath Meetup great!

Group Organizer and Chief Honcho

Upcoming events (4+)

Wednesday Afternoon Coffee

Garden Cafe - Holburne Museum

Enjoy coffee or another drink & relaxed conversation with a friendly group of people at the Holburne Museum Cafe outside in their beautiful Gardens.

PARKING - There is a fee paying car park at the museum or some free parking on the road at the right of the museum as you look at it and behind it - Read the on street notices to check you are parking in one of the free spaces and how long it lasts for!

Pub Skittles Evening

The Royal Oak

Don't think this needs much explanation. You just throw high density rubber balls (4" diameter) at wooden pins and try to miss the gaps. Skittle alleys vary considerably in length around the 10m mark. There are two alleys in a large extension separate from the pub. There are ample tables and chairs in the extension and it runs alongside a courtyard garden. We will have exclusive use of the extension and I am not expecting more than 16 attendees. It seems like a relatively low-risk environment to me. We will start when everyone has arrived or 8pm whichever is the earliest. If we can find someone to re-set the pins for us there will be a match fee of £2 max. to cover this.

Boules(Petanque) and Drinks after

Queen Square


Boules/Petanque is a pastime requiring no aptitude or experience whatsover. It's a fun thing to do for a while on a Summers day before retiring to a nearby pub. All you have to do is lob a small metal ball at a smaller wooden one and hope you end up closest. It helps to imagine you are a French sailor shipwrecked on a beach with only a small cannon ball for company!

The Raven pub nearby are very amenable to boules events in Queen Square and will even serve drinks in plastic glasses and allow use of toilet facilities. Or you could bring you own drinks/food.

I have two sets of Boules so there is enough for up to 8 participants at a time but more is possible in total if we play a 'Round Robin'.

I will be there from 2pm and we can start the first match as soon as there are enough players for two teams (8). Probably be in a pub by about 4pm.

It is not possible to book the pitches in Queen Square so we have to hope nobody else is there. I only know of leagues Tuesday evening and Wednesday lunchtime so we should be OK. Can always go straight to the pub if both pitches are in use (highly unlikely), or the weather is not good (more likely!).

Two Tunnels Bath to Midford Walk

Brunel Square

The route takes in Widcombe, Alexandra Park, Lyncombe Vale, The Two Tunnels, Midford Castle, Tucking Mill Viaduct, Combe Down, Bathwick Meadow, Kennet and Avon Canal using public footpaths / rights of way.

The c.5 mile panoramic views from various points along the route take in north, east and west parts of Bath and further afield.

About 7 miles.
Undulating; from Widcombe a climb for c.10 minutes up very steep steps to Alexandra Park; steep path from Tucking Mill Lane to Combe Down.
We stop occasionally to admire the scenic views.

Brunel Square, Dorchester Street, Bath, BA1 1SX

Precise detail to be added.

The Ring O’ Bells Widcombe for the "debrief", drink and socialise, MORE fun, dogs allowed.
Find us in the beautiful garden (see picture below).

Please wear walking boots as the ground is uneven and may be muddy in places.

Dogs are more than welcome and can be free to play for much of the walk BUT need to be under control in certain places.

How to get to the start:

Cancellation / postponement / changes:
If the weather forecast is rain the walk will be cancelled before midday. CHECK the event page before you set off; you should also receive an email with details.

Guests: Members should not bring guests / plus ones on walk events.
The reason for this is that the meetup.com disclaimer (agreed by everyone who joins Meetup), and possibly our BSG event disclaimer, may not be applicable to guests; simply invite your guest to join BSG and rsvp as a member, it's FREE.

Photographs: Everyone is invited to take pictures and post them to the event page. If anyone is concerned about inadvertently being included in a photo then this is not the event for you.

Disclaimer: This event is run by a volunteer, amateur, unqualified event organiser. We consider BSG to be a group of supportive friends. It is run on a best-effort, not for profit basis. Please assist the organiser by keeping together and not leaving the group without telling the leader. Please take care crossing roads, look out for motor vehicles and other hazards. You join this event on the basis that you are responsible for your own health and safety.

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