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We are a group of startup engineers, research scientists, computational linguists, mathematicians, philosophers, and others interested in understanding the meaning of text, reasoning, and human intent through technology. We want to apply our understanding to building new businesses and improving overall human experience in the modern connected world. The MIND Stack explained: mind.wtf.

This is a technical AI meetup: we build systems with Machine Learning on top of Data Pipelines, and concern ourselves with the stuff we can try in open source, learn, improve, and model human behavior in industry for practical results.

The advisory board for this meetup is Cicero Institute (Cicero.ai), and its conferences are AI.vision and self.driving.cars. We like specific technical problems (self-driving cars) and the way they inform better higher-level inference of the future of AI (AI.vision).

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The AI Meetup is Back In-Person: Weights and Biases!

Needs a location


Friends -- it's been a long time, but in-person meetups are coming back.
It's a new territory for companies and attendees, and the space is limited. Given all RSVPs are usually gone in minutes and Show/RSVP ratio is low, we will charge a nominal fee for this one, going for pizza/beer. Please manage your RSVP diligently.

We're happy to be back with our long-term friend Lukas Biewald, now the founder and CEO of Weights and Biases, at their office.

Understanding the Landscape of the Latest Large Models

There seems to be a new large ML model grabbing headlines every week.
Whether it’s OpenAI’s big releases like GPT-3, Dalle-2 or Whisper, or one of the many open source projects generating state-of-the-art models, like Stable Diffusion, OpenFold or Craiyon, these models have found their way into the mainstream. Lukas invites you to the W&B office where he’ll map the landscape for you and share how these teams use W&B to accelerate their work.

There’ll be pizza & drinks.

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