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We are a group of startup engineers, research scientists, computational linguists, mathematicians, philosophers, and others interested in understanding the meaning of text, reasoning, and human intent through technology. We want to apply our understanding to building new businesses and improving overall human experience in the modern connected world. The MIND Stack explained: mind.wtf.

This is a technical AI meetup: we build systems with Machine Learning on top of Data Pipelines, and concern ourselves with the stuff we can try in open source, learn, improve, and model human behavior in industry for practical results.

The advisory board for this meetup is Cicero Institute (Cicero.ai), and its conferences are AI.vision and self.driving.cars. We like specific technical problems (self-driving cars) and the way they inform better higher-level inference of the future of AI (AI.vision).

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LLMOps: Test-Driven Development for Large Language Model Applications

Thank you to our host Pulze.ai!
Co-founder and CEO Fabian Baier will introduce Pulze.ai.
Thank you to our sponsor Airbyte for food, drinks, and recording support!
Sponsor introduction by Michel Tricot, Airbyte CEO.

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Josh Tobin (right) is the founder and CEO of Gantry. Previously, Josh worked as a deep learning & robotics researcher at OpenAI and as a management consultant at McKinsey. He is also the creator of Full Stack Deep Learning (fullstackdeeplearning.com), the first course focused on the emerging engineering discipline of production machine learning and LLM applications. Josh did his PhD in Computer Science at UC Berkeley advised by Pieter Abbeel.

Large language models are a powerful primitive for building applications quickly and easily. However, when it comes to robustness, reliability, and production readiness, they leave something to be desired.

If you've built applications with LLMs, you may have wondered, "isn't it a bit generous to call this prompt engineering?", "how do I know if this thing is actually working", or "is it even possible to test these things"?

In this talk, we will present a more principled way to develop LLM applications using an approach that is analogous to test-driven development. We'll also show you how to get started with this approach in minutes using Gantry.

Airbyte is the leading open-source data integration platform that seamlessly syncs data from the largest catalog of APIs, databases, and files to various destinations. Airbyte differentiates itself by its open-source extensibility, deployment options - cloud-hosted or self-managed and transparent and predictable pricing. Airbyte empowers AI-driven organizations with leveraging all their data, whatever the tools they use.

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