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The Bay Area Agile Leadership Network (BayALN) was founded in 2006 to support a community of practice in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We provide a forum for sharing practical experiences and advice. We also explore and develop Agile techniques, understanding and practices at the project, department, organization and enterprise levels.

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BayALN CoCo Meeting (*NOT* the general Meetup)

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This is the monthly Coordinating Committee (CoCo) meeting to keep BayALN running and vital. We will plan this month's event and look at our feedback from past events. Organizers Agenda/Notes: BayALN CoCo Google Drive -- http://bit.ly/2FjBwvz BayALN 2018 CoCo Meetings -- http://bit.ly/2FjIAbn BayALN Meeting Planning -- http://bit.ly/2Fmql5d =============== https://zoom.us/j/189710389 Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/189710389 Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): [masked],,[masked]# or [masked],,[masked]# Or Telephone: Dial: [masked] (US Toll) or [masked] (US Toll) Meeting ID:[masked] International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=AAtUoUhPvzRfTuX0oi231EHop6nEsGgx

Agile Dojo: Communicating Compassionately NVC Workshop (James Prieto)

Join us for a full day Communicating Compassionately NVC workshop for learning, practice and community on Saturday, Dec 7 in San Jose. Are you wanting... * to model Agile consciousness in all your interactions through empathy and compassionate honesty? * to navigate crucial conversations in ways that build trust? * to contribute collaborative communication skills to your organizations? • fulfilling, sustainable relationships? • an easier time communicating authentically? • to develop skills for compassionate connection? Join us for a foundations of Compassionate (nonviolent) Communication! Beginners and intermediate practitioners of NVC will benefit. This workshop is for anyone with an interest in improving their communication skills in all contexts (coaching, leadership, organizational change, managing, stakeholder engagement, work and personal relationships, etc). The workshop is highly interactive, with a focus on experiential learning. Early-Bird Pricing available until Nov 15, Late-Bird Price until Nov 24 Register: https://www.compassionateconnecting.com/store/products/214160 This experiential workshop is for beginners/ intermediate practitioners of NVC, will include: * Empathetic Listening * Compassionate Honesty * Responses to Hearing “No” * Transforming Judgments * How to respond in real situations The Challenge: In our culture, we are taught to stuff emotions, to “suck it up” and “be tough”. We are often driven to be “selfless” in our giving, to give even when we don’t have resources available, and that our needs don’t matter. Our own “inner critic” has a tremendous impact on our mood, and we aren’t taught tools for dealing with them. At work especially we are encouraged to wear a mask to pretend everything is okay even when it’s not. Conflict arises when different positions are expressed, people’s emotions get triggered and usually blame others for them. The loudest voices and bigger titles usually win. It isn’t safe to be real; instead we are encouraged to be “nice.” A New Paradigm: The intention behind NVC is authentic connection, to get to a “symphony of mutual understanding.” Through NVC, we get to take off the mask, to fully express what’s true for us in the moment, while allowing others the same privilege. NVC encourages valuing dialogue over any particular outcome; to listen for what’s real and alive for everyone participating. Giving a framework for compassionate communication, we learn the importance of separating fact from opinion, to fully acknowledge and take personal responsibility for our feelings and to make clear doable requests. Beyond having a model, NVC can be practiced as a way of life. Workshop Intention: to create a safe space for learning and practicing NVC. To model NVC as we learn NVC. Of course we also want to experiment and have fun together as we use our new skills. Early-Bird Pricing available until Nov 15, Late-Bird Price until Nov 24 Register: https://www.compassionateconnecting.com/store/products/214160 About the facilitator: James enjoys facilitating dynamic interactive workshops through experiential learning. James started his Agile and NVC journeys in 2001. He facilitated his first NVC workshop in 2005 and has continued since. He received his CNVC trainer certification in 2014, which took about 3 years to complete. He’s had over 100 days training with Marshall Rosenberg (creator of NVC) along with NVC Trainers Mary Mackenzie, Robert Gonzales, Jim & Jori Manske, and others as part of his growth journey. NVC is his passion and way of life. He’s dedicated full time to bringing NVC to individuals and organizations in Silicon Valley. More information here: www.LinkedIn.com/in/jamesprieto

Bay Area Agile Leadership Network General Meeting

Join us for an evening of exploring and deepening our Agile Leadership and Agile Coaching practices. Topic and agenda TBD.

Online Agile Peer Coaching/Mentoring Group

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Video Conferencing Link: https://zoom.us/j/109890987 +++++++++++++++++++++ Bay Area Agile Leadership Network - Online Monthly Peer Coaching/Mentoring Group From the BayALN community we heard a need to expand our connection between meetups and practice the art of mentoring and coaching. To meet this need, we’ve created a small online group that meets monthly to provide a space for this practice. In these sessions participants will: - get a chance to receive coaching from the group - have a chance to practice coaching in a safe and supportive environment - share knowledge, wisdom, and explore coaching together - network and build closer connections with other participants Video Conferencing Link: https://zoom.us/j/109890987 A slack channel is also available for the group to coordinate or ask questions before any sessions. Hosts are Huy Nguyen ([masked]) and Lisa Engelbert ([masked]) if you have any questions or would like to be added to Slack. And be sure to visit our group sponsor to see about other exciting events, the Bay Area Agile Leadership Network (https://www.meetup.com/BayALN/).

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Agile Dojo: Politics Cafe for Agilists

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