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This is the original Chinese film, but re-scored by RZA. There's zero confirmation that RZA will actually be in attendance to re-score the film live. RZA: LIVE FROM THE 36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN Director: Lau Kar-leung Country: Hong Kong / United States Runtime: 115 minutes Year: 1978 / 2016 “Arguably the greatest martial arts film of all time.” Todd Gilchrist IGN After 18 months of careful planning, it's finally here. Award winning musician and film director RZA (founder of the Wu-Tang Clan) is unleashing his hip-hop genius on the mother of all martial arts masterpieces, Lau Kar-leung's THE 36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN in a live re-score for the ages. Long before he was universally acknowledged as a guiding force in hip-hop by birthing Staten Island's fines clan, RZA was an obsessive encyclopedia of martial arts cinema, in particular the work of the famed Shaw Brothers studio out of Hong Kong. RZA first saw THE 36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN on television when he was 12 years old and again 2 years later on the big screen of a seedy 42nd Street theater with his cousin, Unique (who went on to become Ol' Dirty Bastard). Dazzled by Kar-leung's rich kung-fu tapestry, RZA (then Robert Diggs) was most profoundly affected by something that ran much deeper: the struggle between oppressed Chinese villagers and the repressive Manchu authority. "Beyond the kung-fu, it was the reality of the situation that hit me. Growing up as a black kid in America, I didn't know that that kind of story had existed anywhere else," said RZA. In viewing THE 36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN in this allegorical light, RZA was inspired to create a wildly complex mythology, transforming his immediate urban surroundings of Staten Island into a Shaolin and his cousins and childhood friends into the Wu-Tang Clan. The resulting effort is one that stands as one of the most important hip hop albums of all time; Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). RZA: LIVE FROM THE 36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN features RZA re-scoring the film from opening sequence to closing credit. Every frame of the original film has been revisited and will be re scored by RZA utilizing a Wu-Tang catalog over two decades deep. This new score features a vast array of over 50 instrumental tracks, beats and vocals individually crafted and placed to amplify the narrative and electrifying action of Kar-leung's enduring classic. A true, redefining assault on the senses, this is an experienced not to be missed. What happens when one of the most influential hiphop artists descends on one of the most influential martial arts movies? There’s only one way to find out.

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This is a meetup group for hip hop shows in the bay. I personally focus on independent/smaller shows. I frequent Slims, 330 Ritch, The Independent and New Parish over in Oakland so there will be many shows from these places. Feel free to add events for the entire area.

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