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Bring Your Own Game Night @ Silver Diner in Clarendon, Wed, 6:30-10:00
Let's play board games. Not the ones your ancestors played but the really cool ones of the new millennium. We play everything from fun, social games to light to heavy strategy games. Don't know how to play? Not a problem - we're happy to teach. It's a great chance to learn new games or play your favorites with non-competitive people who like to laugh. You can build a railroad, eradicate a plague, or explore the far reaches of the galaxy in one evening. While many will bring their own games, you can show up gameless and still play. We play at the Silver Diner in Clarendon on Wednesday from 6:30-10:00. Silver Diner has lots of great food and free parking. It's also within walking distance from the Clarendon metro. Find us in the back of the restaurant, usually on the left side. We're very fortunate to have this great venue for our game nights and they take care of us for 3-1/2 hours, so please spend a minimum of $5 on food or drink and tip generously (at the very least $2, even if 20% of your bill would be $1). Thanks!

Silver Diner

3200 Wilson Blvd · Arlington, VA

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What we're about

Hi! This is a group for fun-loving, non-competitive people who enjoy playing party and board games. We have several wonderful venues where we can enjoy food and drinks while playing a few games. We like playing ALL types of board, party and card games, so don't hesitate to bring any games you'd like to play (or feel free to come empty-handed).

Our Meetups are relaxed environments where you have an opportunity to play old favorites and learn new soon-to-be-favorites. Don't worry if you haven't played many games before. People are happy to teach new games, and it doesn't matter if you win or lose horribly. The event hosts will bring the games they own and everyone else is invited to bring other games they're interested in playing. There's usually the opportunity to play two, three or maybe four games in a night with different people, depending on when you arrive and what's being played. We play a wide variety of games with a focus on Eurogames and party games. Here are some of the games we typically play.

- Codenames
- Spyfall
- The Resistance
- Splendor
- Castles of Burgundy
- Power Grid
- Keyflower
- Agricola
- Terra Mystica
- Twilight Struggle

We are really fortunate to have wonderful venues that indulge our game playing, so please tip generously. Thanks!


Beer & Board Games meetups are meant to be a safe space in which we can socialize and share our passion for board games. Please stay polite and relaxed and remember that we're all there to enjoy ourselves.

We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment. Examples of harassment include but are not limited to unwanted physical contact, intimidation, or verbally threatening someone. In addition, harassment via electronic methods such as email or private messages will be treated in the same manner as physical and verbal harassment. Abuse of this manner may result in a temporary or permanent ban from future events.

While we have single members and we hold many events, this group is not a singles group. Please be respectful of each other's time, personal space, and wishes, and consider that even if your intent is good and flattering, your behavior may make someone uncomfortable. If you are uncertain whether your attentions are welcome, it is always better to err on the side of caution and refrain.

If you experience or witness harassment or a problem of any sort, please contact Dawn, Kat, or Ed ASAP. Your privacy will be respected. Coming forward helps us prevent future occurrences and protects your fellow members. We value your opinion and want all our members to thrive in our community.

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