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Welcome to the Berlin Product Designer's group!

We welcome not only product designers, but also UX, UI, and everyone who is interested in digital design.

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IMPORTANT: Due to the COVID-19 situation, all events wil require test, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery to attend, without exceptions.

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Design Systems Masterclass with Brad Frost

silent green Kulturquartier


# Join Brad Frost, autor of Atomic Design in Berlin, Germany for an in-person full day masterclass on how to create and maintain design systems.

More info -> https://www.hatchconference.com/brad-frost-masterclass
Tickets -> https://tickets.hatchconference.com/

### Description

Design systems provide solid ground for us to stand on as we tackle the increasingly diverse and fast- moving digital landscape.This masterclass will tackle all that goes into creating and maintaining successful design systems. We’ll cover the many benefits of design systems, introduce the atomic design methodology, discuss how to establish a cross-disciplinary pattern-driven workflow, detail the creation of a rock-solid component library and reference website, and tackle how to maintain a design system so it provides lasting value to your team and organization.

### Who is this masterclass for?

This masterclass is for UX/UI/product/front-end designers, front-end developers, design/dev leads, and really anyone responsible for the success of digital products.
You’ll walk away from this with actionable tactics for planning, executing, and maintaining a successful design system at your organization.

### What's covered in this masterclass?

Selling Design Systems – We all know design systems and pattern libraries are great, but how do you get your clients, bosses, and teammates on board? We’ll make the business cases for design systems, and discuss tactics and tools for selling design systems to clients and stakeholders.

A Pattern-Based Process – Making modular interfaces requires massive shifts in our design and development process. We’ll discuss why front-end development is an essential part of the design process and demonstrate how tools like lo-fi sketches, style tiles, frontend workshop tools like Storybook, and others facilitate collaboration—and result in successful design systems.

Atomic Design Principles – We’ll cover core principles of modular UI interface design and introduce the atomic design methodology that helps connect your design system design/dev work to your actual product design/dev work.

Creating a rock-solid component library – The heart and soul of a successful design system is a component library that lives in code and directly powers an organization's software products. We'll cover all that goes into creating a UI component library that's reusable, flexible, extensible, and easy to work with.

Anatomy of Effective Reference Website – A style guide reference website is the happy home for all a design system’s ingredients. A robust and well-presented reference site can help a design system truly take root at your organization.

Design System Maintenance – Like a fine wine, a design system should increase in value over time. We’ll discuss tactics and techniques like team structure, versioning, managing changes and additions to the system, communication strategies, and more to ensure design system provides lasting value to your organization.

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