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Let's get to know "ourself", the real SELF - and become strong & happy, internally and externally. This is through the experience of self-transformation — physical, emotional, and spiritual — through the wholistic culture of Bhakti yoga. It will be for your body, mind and soul. Practically speaking - through the yoga of sound vibrations (kirtans aka music meditation), the yoga of taste (delicious vegetarian/vegan food) and the yoga of the heart (lasting friendships). We'll meet at least once a month. Open to everyone - color, nation, gender, race: no bar.

We are also looking for any of our members to help in putting these events together: Kirtan, Vegetarian Cooking sessions, Yoga Asana and the Science of the Gita. Anyone wishing you give in some energy to it, please write to us right away!


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Yoga of the Heart: Mind - Friend or Foe


Join us for the "Yoga of the Heart" gathering, with: • Goodness Vegan Dinner & Guided meditations/Kirtan • Discussions on the science of yoga (Topic: Mind - Friend or Foe) to help us de-stress the body, detoxify the mind and enrich our heart with unwavering happiness and love. Together, we will uncover numerous spiritual codes from the ancient yoga literatures combined with their practical applications for enhancing our daily life. This is Your Happiness Circle! Come and make some great friendships. This is a no charge Event (RSVP please!)

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River Meditation & Japa

Bhakti Lounge Bay Area (Wund3rkid)

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