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Let's get to know "ourself", the real SELF - and become strong & happy, internally and externally. This is through the experience of self-transformation — physical, emotional, and spiritual — through the wholistic culture of Bhakti yoga. It will be for your body, mind and soul. Practically speaking - through the yoga of sound vibrations (kirtans aka music meditation), the yoga of taste (delicious vegetarian/vegan food) and the yoga of the heart (lasting friendships). We'll meet at least once a month. Open to everyone - color, nation, gender, race: no bar.

We are also looking for any of our members to help in putting these events together: Kirtan, Vegetarian Cooking sessions, Yoga Asana and the Science of the Gita. Anyone wishing you give in some energy to it, please write to us right away!


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Live Virtual Cooking Class w/ Ayurvedic Culinary Expert Radha Vallabha!

A LIVE Virtual Cooking Class, with our culinary expert Radha Vallabha!! You will also get to know more about plant based food cooked with the principles of Ayurveda - the world’s ancient health science! This lockdown & isolation time, when most of the folks are at home, wouldn’t it be great to learn an amazing Vegan meal at home, cook along with an expert Chef and enjoy a wonderful self-made Dinner! With of course some help from our expert Radha Vallabha!! We want give our best to make You an expert in Vegan cooking!! Bhakti Lounge is pleased to present its monthly cooking class SERIES!! ====================================================================== About our special Guest Chef - Founder of Yogi Plate: Radha Vallabha is an acclaimed chef, author, yoga teacher, speaker and a life coach. He is a post graduate engineer from IIT Bombay, but has studied extensively the eastern ancient text, such as Ayurveda, and reveals through his presentation on how a right diet, exercise and relaxation plays an important role in harmonizing health of our body, mind and intelligence with the nature. Being a nature loving and nature preserving person, he took up the project of recycling of semiprecious metals from Industrial scraps during his study. His contributions helped commissioning of few plants to recycle metals scraps. After completing his MTech degree from IIT, he decided to join as a full time monk in ISKCON in Mumbai (Gurgaon Chwopatty) to dedicate his life’s energy in the service of society in the matter of spiritual culture. He took up cooking as a free community service while living in the āshram. There he used to cook for 250 residents of the āshram daily for more than a decade. During this phase, on weekends and festivals, he used to head a team of 25 cooks and many assistants to cook a feast for some[masked] people attending the festivals. ====================================================================== Menu for this Session (Which YOU will be making in Your Kitchen, on LIVE directions and Help from our Expert Chef, as he cooks it in his Kitchen): Masala Dosa (Vegan Lentil Crepe’s) Coconut Celery Chutney RSVP @ http://www.bhaktibay.com/events--bhakti-lounge%2c-bay-area.html (Use the PayPal button there, to reserve your space!) Only 12 spaces available, as we want every participant to get the individual attention and help from our master Chef! Advance Purchase Required : $15 Only. Ingredients Needed will be given to you a week in advance and where to purchase it as well. You simply collect the needed ingredients and follow along to cook your self-made delicious Dosas!! The zoom link to the session will be provided to REGISTERED guests only.

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