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What we’re about

This is for musicians, recording artists, audio engineers, producers and anyone interested in learning more about audio recording, editing, mixing, mastering and performing in a professional recording studio.

Each meetup will focus on a specific topic so we can get into deeper detail with the techniques involved. The range of topics will include signal processing techniques, editing techniques, getting the most out of different DAW's and plug-ins, mic'ing techniques and shootouts, old-school recording/mixing techniques, mastering basics, etc. The topics are endless and suggestions are welcome.

Special guests will also be presenting hands-on workshops and listening sessions to evaluate your mixes and productions. If you are a musician wanting to improve your performance ability in the studio, there will be workshops for ensembles. The focus will be both on instrument sound as well as performance. Studio performance technique is a completely different beast and learning your way around is essential to getting great tracks.

Lastly, this is a great place to network, make new friends and find collaborators.