What we're about

There's a new kind of hacker in town - biohacker!

With local chapters around the world, the sole purpose of Biohackers Collective (www.biohackerscollective.org) is to bring together like-minded people obsessed with the pursuit of achieving an optimized life and superhuman performance, through biohacking and self-experimentation.

We're fully primed for both health enthusiasts and science nerds alike: So whether you're an edge-seeking CEO, a plugged-in athlete, or an absolute beginner who's just heard of the term, you're more than welcome to come out to exchange ideas, learn or teach something, network face to face, and most of all have a good time at Switzerland's newest biohacking group.

Our mission: To unlock the code of human potential, by bridging the gap between the extreme and mainstream, and making the impossible, possible. We provide a setting for multi-disciplinary discussions that go beyond self-quantification, to include the art and science of taking control of your own biology, and changing the environment inside and outside yourself, so you can perform at a level you want across various domains including mental, physical, and spiritual - all while utilizing a combination of bleeding-edge tools & technologies, time-tested strategies and earth grown nutrients.

The Meetups will host presentations, informal group gatherings and company demos.
Topics include, but are not limited to:

Nutrigenomics / Epigenetics / Diet / Superfoods / Fasting / Supplements

Sleep Enhancement

Cognitive Performance / Maximization of brain capacities

Beauty / Hormones

Longevity / Gerontology / Anti-aging

Detoxifying / HealingFitness / Exercise Mobility / Injury Recovery

Wearables / Gadgets / Tools / Apps

Meditation / Neurofeedback / EEG / Hypnosis

Consciousness / Altered States

DNA Sequencing / Blood Analysis

Lifehacking / Lifestyle Design

The hype is real. Biohacking is the next big thing and has the potential to become a mass phenomenon and health revolution. What started as a body-tinkering, mind-hacking, supplement-taking productivity craze in Silicon Valley is now spreading around the world. It covers a current human need that is basically unmet today – the need to know what goes on inside our bodies when we’re eating, drinking, working, thinking and moving.

So do you have a desire to not only rule yourself, but become the perfect version of yourself, optimise the functioning of your body and maximise results? If the answer is YES then I invite you to attend, participate, and grow with us in building a community around finding out what’s possible with our biology in the 21st century.

Let’s make it an exchange of knowledge & ideas and create a spirit of peer motivation!

Kind regards, and I look forward to seeing you soon in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Get involved:

I've been asked how people can get involved. Here are a few different things you can do to help out. I encourage everyone to join the conversation and let me know what topics you are most interested in, and write me with your recommendations, tips, and observations.

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Attend and Discuss – Stop by and participate in future meetings. We are actively trying to build our social networks, too. Please provide your Twitter or Facebook handles should you wish to continue the conversation between meetings.

Speak or Present – We are always looking for passionate people to present on relevant topics so please contact me at julia@biohackerscollective.org with interest or recommendations.

Venue / Sponsor – Chip in for drinks and snacks at one of our upcoming meetings. Additionally if you have a business, office, lab, or co-working space where you would like to host a meetup, I’d love to hear from you as I’ll always be on the lookout for fresh and interesting venues.

Spread the Word – Know someone who should be a Biohackers Zurich member? Send them the meetup page. Feel free to promote the group through any form of social media :)


RSVP early to help us make better meetups

Please Note **

This group is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or relieve the effects of diseases, and we advise you first to talk with your doctor before trying anything.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) / Referral Marketing / Network Marketing for Business purposes is prohibited.

Upcoming events (1)

Biohacking • Social #5: cold exposure

Balboa Bar & Gym

Join us for the next Biohackers Zurich meetup, by spending time with other people who are passionately taking action to improve their health and performance, while become the absolute best version of themselves. This time we will discuss what cold temperatures exposures do to our body, what's the optimal way to face them and how to start and progress in your practice. We will be joined by the Swiss Iceman Beat Sorgenfrei, a certified Wim Hof Method instructor, who will tell us about his path and practices. Please come and share your experiences and pose your questions! It is planned to be a laid-back gathering in a friendly atmosphere. Don't miss out! This is your opportunity to expand your social circle and meet other biohacking fans in the area. Location: Roots @ Balboa New to the concept of Biohacking? Dont sweat it! This whole thing is about questions marks, not about judgments. It's about owning your own body instead of it owning you. And while joining the group is a great first step, attending events to meet with people, and build new relationships is the most important yet difficult part. If you plan to attend please RSVP, the etiquette guidelines are below :) ------------------------- RSVP POLICY & ETIQUETTE - If you are unsure whether or not you can make it – please do not RSVP "yes" as a reflex reaction or when it's really "maybe". We prefer you RSVP only when you know you can attend. - We understand that plans change and emergencies come up. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond your control, you might RSVP "Yes" but later be unable to make it. No problem. All you are required to do is to change your RSVP to "No" asap and before the RSVP closing date and time and certainly before the Meetup. - You do not need to RSVP "No" unless you want to leave a comment for the event organisers or other biohackers.

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