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BISA Kopi Darat - Traditional & Non Traditional Business (Pay as your Order)

Kopi Darat in English literally means ‘ground coffee’, but it is actually a term that refers to meeting in person between consumer to consumer when they used e-commerce services for trading in Indonesia.

BISA Team would like to inviting you on this special event:
Wed, 31 May 2023
At 4-6 PM SGT

Traditional & Non Traditional Business Post Pandemic

Maison Kayser Cafe
111 Somerset Rd
#01-09, Singapore[masked]

FREE Business Networking
Pay as your Order!

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Salam BISA!

Cultural Mission - 2nd Borobudur International World Peace & Prosperity 2023

BISA www.bisakita.com and DOLANESIA www.dolanesia.travel together with PT Meccaya inviting you to:
2nd Borobudur International World Peace & Prosperity 2023
at Candi Borobudur from 1 - 4 June 2023

Cost is SGD800/pax (single room) or SGD700/pax (sharing) including:
1. Hotel & Breakfast - 3 nights in Jogjakarta City
2. Entrance tickets to Borobudur & events
3. Meals (Lunch & Dinner)
4. Car, driver, and local guide
5. Cultural networking with BISA & Dolanesia network

You can do your own arrangement for air ticket

Thurs, 1 June 2023
Go to Jogjakarta - using own arrangement
Coffee Meeting at 15.00 WIB (Indonesia Time)
Loko Coffee Shop Malioboro Yogyakarta
Dinner at Malioboro Area
Free and Easy

Fri, 2 June 2023
Festival of Merti Karunia Bumi
Candi Pawon - Praga River
Starts at 8.30 AM - Finish (WIB - Indonesia Time)

8 - 8.30 AM Activities - Welcoming Guest, MACAPAT, Art Exhibition (Batik, Seni Rupa, Payung Nusantara, etc), and Welcoming Dance

8.30 - 9 AM Opening Ceremony, Indonesia National Anthem, Opening Speech from The Commitee

9 - 9.30 Kinnara & Kinnari Dance, Legend of Candi Pawon, Prayer of Seven Diamond / Padmasambhava (Nyingma Vajrayana Offering)

9.30 - 10 AM Procession to Vajranala Water Springs - leading by Nusantara Kings, MUNI, and Community Leaders)
Participants can using Batik Borrobudur Syal
Pradaksina 1 x
Purification Ceremony & Short Prayer

9.30 - 10 AM Procession of Walking Together to Praga River leading by Nusantara Kings, MUNI, and Community Leaders)
Ceremony of Ngiwak / Fangshen (release living creature)
Lunch at Candi Pawon

2nd Borrobudur World Peace & Prosperity Event
Asokhya Garden - Candi Borrobudur - 4.30 PM - Finish

4.30 - 5 PM Welcoming Guest, MACAPAT babad Prayoga & Pramodawardhani, Art Exhibition (Batik, Seni Rupa, Payung Nusantara, etc), Golek Ayun-Ayun Dance

5 - 5.30 PM Opening, Indonesia National Anthem, Peace Prayer & Prosperity Inter Religion, and Opening Speech

5.30 - 6 PM Legend of Bhumi Shambara (Kimara & Kinnari Dance), Legend of Sumeru & Candi Sewu), and Legend of Candi Ngawen

6 - 6.30 PM Proloque of Peace & World Prosperity by Miss Indonesia 2023, Gong Ceremony of Peace & World Prosperity, Ceremony of Dove Fangshen

6.30 - 7 PM Legend of Candi Pawon, Legend of Candi Mendut
7 PM - Dinner and Instalation of Peace & World Prosperity
Back to hotel

Sat, 3 June 2023
Festival of Bhumi Mandala
Go to Candi Ngawen - Muntilan 8.30 AM - Finish

8.30 - 9 AM
Welcoming Guest, Pesta Rakyat Sego Wiwit - Ngawen Village
MACAPAT Babad Prayoga & Pramowardhani, Golek Ayun-Ayun Dance,

9 - 9.30 AM
Opening Ceremony
Indonesia National Anthem
Prayer of World Peace Inter Religion
Opening Speech

9.30 - 10 AM
Kisah Panah Sang Bodhisatva
Bedaya Manjushri

10 - 10.30 AM
Proloque of Peace World & Prosperity
Ceremony of Watering for Bodhi Tree

10.30 - 11 AM
Ceremony of Antique Umbrella Bhumi Mandala & Breaking Kendi
Legend of Candi Ngawen (King of Kubera Vaishana, King of Vesantara)

11 AM - 12 PM
Lunch at Candi Ngawen
Shadow Puppet Show
Pesta Rakyat - Muntilan Kite

Festival Larung Pelita Purnama Sidhi
Candi Pawon - Praga River, Starts at 4.30 PM - Finish

4.30 - 5 PM
Welcoming Guest
Art Exhibition (Seni Rupa, Batik, Nusantara Umbrella, etc)
Welcoming Dance

5 - 5.30 PM
Opening Ceremony
Indonesia National Anthem
Short Speech from Commitee
Dance of Kinnara Kinnari
Dance of Suddhana Story & Manohara (Legend of Akasa Bhumi Shambara)

5.30 - 5.45 PM Prosesi Berjalan Kaki to Praga River
Participants can using Batik Sarong Borrobudur & Menyalakan Pelita

5.45 - 6.45 PM
Dance of Praga River - Omah Mbudur
Peace & World Prosperity Prayer
Ceremony of 8 pairs of Merah Putih
Ceremony of Pelepasan Larung Pelita Utama & 500 Larung Pelita

6.45 - Finish
Dinner at candi Pawon

Sun, 4 June 2023
Back to Singapore

All schedule subject by the EO decision - can change depending the situation.

Using paypal: [masked]

Using PayNow UEN :[masked]G

Transfer using:
Account Name : BISA Pte Ltd
Account No. :[masked]
Bank Name : DBS Bank Ltd
SWIFT Address / Code : DBSSSGSG

Salam BISA

Doing Business Post Pandemic - Indonesia Singapore (Bandung Dinner)

BISA inviting you to attend the Exclusive Talk, Dinner & Networking in Indonesia (Bandung City) - (Limited Seats):

Doing Business Post Pandemic - Indonesia Singapore

Mon, 5 June 2023
At 18.00 - 21.00 WIB (Registration start at 17.00 WIB)

Hilton Hotel Bandung
Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No.41-43, Arjuna, Kec. Cicendo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40172, Indonesia

Limited Seats - Cost: Rp[masked]/pax

Send the details (name, company, title, email, mobile and proven screenshoot payment) to:
BCA Account:[masked]
Account Name: Fransciskus Peter Jaya
Whatsapp Number[masked]
Salam BISA

CBN Leadership Program - "Journey with Christ" 2023   

CANA The Catholic Centre

Dear all,

BISA would like to invite you on this opportunity:

CBN Leadership Program - "Journey with Christ" 2023

June - September 2023

Weekly Tuesdays, 6:30pm - 10:00pm

Catholic Centre, CANA Level 2
55 Waterloo St, Singapore[masked]

$500 (Individual)
$800 (Corporate)

RSVP and More Info

Salam BISA

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