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Black Belt Investors founded by Sensei Gilliland is an education, consulting and investment firm specializing in the art of creating cash and building wealth through buying, selling and investing in real estate.

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How to Increase The Return on ANY Investment by 20%

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What if you could boost the net returns on all of your investments by over 20%, just with one simple tweak?

I’ve become really alarmed at how many individual investors still don’t know about this or haven’t taken advantage of it.

You can follow all of the best investment advice in the world, be a stock picking genius, and have golden real estate deals fall in your lap all day long, yet still be throwing away 25% to 40% of the returns!

Crazy, right?

This has been one of the best-kept secrets of the ultra-wealthy and hyper-successful investors for almost 4 decades. It’s one of the main reasons “the richest keep on getting richer,” and seem to do it so easily, while others can find it a battle to catch up.

It’s all about taxes.

All individuals are entitled to use self-directed retirement accounts to legally reduce tax liability. Self-directed IRAs enable investors to defer or even eliminate taxes on their investment income. Chances are you are paying at least 28% in federal income taxes. You might even be in the 37% tax bracket for 2021.

By flowing your investments through a Self-Directed IRA you can slash that, and keep it in your pocket. Even better; you can reinvest that extra 40% again (without taxes), and leverage compound earnings.

It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to figure out that this can increase wealth and net returns by incredible multiples and slash the time it takes to reach the largest financial goals by decades!

This is not a get rich quick program. It is simply smart investing and using the tools that have been made available to you.

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Self-Directed IRAs have many other benefits too, including:

• Asset protection with investments being classified as retirement savings
• Ability to leverage investment capital with non-recourse loans
• Ability to direct investments in what you know best, and in top performing opportunities
• Diversification
• Invest in your retirement outside of Wall St.

Getting Started is EZ:

 Roll over existing 401ks or IRAs to a Self-Directed Plan
 Set up a new IRA
 Start with as little or as much as you like and contribute tax free each year

How to Get Started:
uDirect IRA Services has helped thousands of Americans invest their IRA outside of the stock market into real estate, land, private notes & more to improve their financial future. Educating individual investors and professionals is the cornerstone of uDirect IRA.

uDirect IRA is a third-party administrator providing complete and accurate information on self-directed IRAs so you can make the most of your retirement funds. They do not promote any investments. Rather, just provide the knowledge, tools and information you need to make self-
direction easy.

Get More Info:
uDirect IRA Services is hosting an invaluable and informative webinar, led by industry expert Kaaren Hall to further highlight the benefits of Self-Directed IRAs and show investors how they can put them to work for themselves fast.

This could easily be the best hour you invest this year.

Space is limited.

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Put simply – this webinar will show you how to easily reach your financial goals faster and allow you to sleep much better at night. If you aren’t using Self-Directed IRAs you are just throwing money away.

See you there!

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