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Reserve Your Place, Gain The Income & Financial Security You Crave Sooner

Create More Cash, Wealth & Financial Security with Proven Power Moves

Those that truly live a rich lifestyle of their own design do 3 things differently to everyone else:

1. They have a different perspective and way of thinking about solutions
2. They leverage the best information that others spend millions to generate
3. They use a powerful combo of timeless investment principles & agile ninja-like strategies


-Use your Power instead of force to win in interactions with others
-Finding partners to buy cash flowing investments, even if you have no money or credit
-Critical criteria every investor needs to know when investing in rental properties

-Knowing how and when to get out of investments
-How to make sure you are ALWAYS profitable
-The golden rule of Know Thy Area
-How to time the real estate market like a pro
-The cash flow formula for financial freedom
-The right way to capitalize on the Power of Appreciation
-Smart leverage for gaining more freedom and options faster

Whether your idea of ‘rich’ is millions in the bank, a few extra thousand dollars a month in the mailbox, a net worth that will land you on Forbes’ list, a four hour work week, the freedom to travel whenever you feel like it, or simply the financial peace of knowing your loved ones are taken care of, and will have every advantage in achieving their own full potential – THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU!

Save Your Seat, Create Wealth, Change Your Life

Sam Sadat

30 year plus real estate veteran, bestselling author, radio talk show host, and finance expert Sam Sadat brings an unrivalled level of experience and wisdom to real estate, syndications, and funding hundreds of millions of dollars in investment property deals.

Sensei Sean Gilliland

Sensei Gilliland has been one of the nation’s most notable real estate business leaders for 22 years. An in-demand national speaker with experience running multiple brands from coast to coast, and highly sought after mentor.

These two bring together the best in mindset, strategy and tactics for getting you from where you are now, to where you want to go, fast, efficiently, and sustainably.



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Finally, a sure-fire way for everyone to better understand real estate trends and how the average person can get their piece of real estate pie. Right now is a great time to build your real estate portfolio and retirement. Join Sensei Gilliland as he will share his insight and valuable lessons on how to develop residual income through rentals in today’s real estate market. He will teach you what you really need to know when investing in real estate so you are always safe and profitable. Thursday 09/24 @ 6:30 PDT Webinar - Register Here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Tn4quRTHQXO0Jb09sOy-IA So if you are ready for an eye-opening content rich education to help your real estate investing career, then I want you to register for this webinar right now!

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