What we're about

We are a Singapore-based blockchain developer community that seeks to get more people involved in the development of Blockchain-powered products.

We aim to meet regularly in both online and offline events. These events focus on production issues, technical aspects and the future uses of Blockchain technology.

Checkout our past event at: https://en.gaogao.asia/2022/04/22/5811/

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Blockchain.connect() Hackathon 2023!


Hello members of Blockchain.connect(), we are having our first ever Hackathon! There will be 2 in-person events on 15 June to receive the problem statement and form teams and 22nd June to pitch your idea. Both events will be held at One&Co.

Hackathon website: https://blockchainhack.org/
Join our Telegram group for updates: https://t.me/blockchainconnectsg.

๐Ÿ“– 1. Summary
The theme of this Hackathon is "Web2 to Web3". The challenges given to participants focuses on using web3 technology to solve real-world problems faced by companies. Two companies (Toyo Seikan & Mizuho) will present their problems and teams be given 1-week to develop and showcase their prototype. The total prize is SGD$1000!

๐Ÿ“ 2. Registration
You can register as an individual or as a team. There will be time given for individuals to join/form teams on the first day if they wish! The form for participation can be found below. Spaces are limited so RSVP fast! https://forms.gle/LBq7GEcj5wrxNBQ48

๐ŸŽ™ 3. Problem statements
In line with the theme of "Web2 to Web3", the two companies

Problem statement #1

  • Toyo Seikan
    Optimization of Food Supply: In 2050, the global population grows up to 9.8 billions, and food supply is required to be increased by 60% to satisfy all. But in fact, the curerent food output is already enough. The problem is "supply chain".

How might we optimize the food supply chain for sustainable future? Please share with us your ideas!

Problem statement #2

  • Mizuho Bank
    Unleashing the power of data and information: The accuracy and reliability of information and data has bee increasingly important. In this context, we would like to explore the possibility of building new business models in the B2B or B2B2C areas by utilizing the unique information and data possessed by us. You do not need to stick to below items but here are the examples of our problems statements.
  1. How might we use data and information for better cash flow forecasting?
  2. How might we use data and information for Digital Treasury?
  3. How might we use data and information for programmable payments?
    We look forward to hearing your ideas.

๐Ÿ—“ 4. Timetable*
Day 1

  • 18:00 | Registration at One&Co
  • 18:30 | Opening Address
  • 19:00 | Problem statement
  • 19:30 | Groups forming
  • 20:00 | Q&A
  • 20:15 | Ideation
  • 21:00 | End of Day 1

Day 2

  • 18:00 | Teams arrive and setup
  • 18:15 | Start of team presentations
  • 20:00 | Judging
  • 20:30 | Prize giving
  • 21:00 | End of Day 2

*Note Contents and timings may change.

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