Dance and Learn: How to Host a Fitness Class

Get back into your workout routine while learning how to host an engaging fitness class.


Join Meetup organizer Marianna Hunter (Philly Zumba Meetup Group) in this fun fitness dance class. She’ll share her tips on how to host your own class including a short class demo. She combines low- and high-intensity moves, cardio, balance, and flexibility to leave you with a boost of energy. This workout and class is intended for all fitness levels!


Top Q&A Questions & More classes:

  • What is the camera and the wide-angle lens you use?
    • I’m just using the camera on my laptop right now. Some people have an additional camera. That was a little complicated for me.
      Marianna also uses a clip-on wide-angle lens like this one: Xenvo
  • How do you prep for the class?
    • I try to find popular songs that people know—songs that I like. I sometimes write my own choreography or I borrow from other people. I write my choreography notes down. And I definitely practice. I try to keep different levels in my choreography. 
  • Do you have any more classes?
    • I teach free classes online through Zoom (These are all on my Philly Zumba Meetup group) I also record my Zoom classes so people can request the code and I will send it to them. 
    • Class schedule:
      • Tuesday – Zumba 1 pm
      • Thursday – Zumba 1 pm
      • Saturday – Saturday Morning Dance Party 10:30 am

Last modified on June 23, 2021