Recording: A Success Story, Microsoft Azure’s Growing Meetup Pro Network

Learn about the success behind Microsoft Azure’s Meetup Pro Network.


This event spotlights Microsoft Azure’s Meetup Pro Network, Azure Tech Groups. Azure Tech Groups in Latin America have seen an increase in engagement and expanded the number of events during the time of COVID-19, in contrast, many other tech groups are struggling and trying to find ways to adapt to this new normal.

Join Jenn Jinhong, Jackson Filho, and Renato Groffe as they discuss how the Azure Tech Groups program has grown and how they’ve remained steadfast on their strategy, mission, and goals through the pandemic. They’ll share the “secret sauce” to finding the perfect synergy between sponsor and organizer, and ways Microsoft supports group leaders, with tools and resources, to help them thrive.

Main Takeaways:

  • The Pro network Azure Tech Groups launched in September 2019 and now has 251 groups. Of these, 67 groups are in Latin America, and 38 in Brazil.
    • The Azure groups in Brazil have seen an average monthly growth of 5% in the last year, and that’s including during the pandemic
  • Jenn is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft overseeing the Azure team’s global developer relations program.
    • Jenn: Community is the heart of everything. When it comes down to it, Microsoft is a community. The product gets better with feedback from the community.
  • Renato Groffe is an experienced Meetup organizer who runs the .NET São Paulo group.
    • Renato: Jackson coordinates the initiative in Brazil and he invited us [to join the Microsoft Pro Network]. We work with and other Microsoft technologies so it was a good thing to cooperate with Microsoft. They help us publish about our event and provide all kinds of help. 
  • Jackson Filho is the Developer Audience Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft supporting local groups in Brazil:
    • Jackson:  I would definitely say that the connection and community leaders are the secret sauce. It takes dedication and rhythm.

Top Q&A Questions:

  • Have you seen a decline in attendees since the pandemic? If so, what are some tips to boost engagement?
    • Jenn: There’s definitely been a decline in a lot of groups. I think the best way is to get back into the rhythm. If you do a recording, people can watch it. It will over time bring back attendance. When you can go back in person, you can do both online and in person.
      If you don’t do anything, when people do want to come back, they won’t know what to do. 
  • What social channels are the most successful for your group? Any tips regarding promotion on social media?
    • Renato: I think Facebook and LinkedIn are the main sources of people attending our events. I think that LinkedIn is a good tool because you are connected with people who work in your area. It’s easier to attract attention.
      We use Facebook because it’s popular in Brazil. 
    • Jackson: If we look at social media and each of these communities, they are represented in a whole kind of social media platforms. People are not only looking at traditional social media channels. But sometimes there are other touching points to people who are potential members.
  • How do you find all the amazing group leaders? Do you use paid ads? Internal processes to recognize good work? 
    • Jenn: Leaders talk to find new leaders. We don’t do paid. We want to find authentic leaders, the ones that don’t even realize they’re a leader.
      The best way to find those leaders is through each other.
    • Renato: We develop a friendship and I invite people to join as a leader. All our leaders are friends.
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Last modified on November 20, 2020