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We are a group of board gamers, miniature gamers, card gamers who like to geek out. Whether is be historical games, sci-fi games, fantasy games, card games or just fun old fashion games come play with us or set up your own event. Geeks and Games in Oregon City has plenty of free tables to play your games on and a great group of followers.

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Descent into madness D&D 5e

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MTG CEDH Competitive Commander

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With 30 years of cards to discover, what terrible things will you do to your opponents? Join us every Sunday for our competitive track Commander event. This isn't for beginners, or the feint of heart. Bring your infinite combos, your turn 1 wins, your wildest shenanigans. Sundays, the gloves come off.
Format: Commander (CEDH)
Entry Fee: $5
Prize support and promos!
Please make sure to wash your hands, wear a mask, and socially distance. Table space is limited to 12 players maximum for everyone's safety.
Signing up in Meetup does not guarantee a spot. In order to reserve your spot please call or sign up in store to pre-purchase your seat for the event.

Pokemon Advanced Casual/Learn to Play 14+

Needs a location

This Pokemon Causal Play is for advanced players ages 14+. We will also have staff available to teach customers ages 14+ how to play Pokemon.
This is a great opportunity for adults to learn how to play Pokemon in a quieter event separate from the Kids Pokemon on Saturdays.

For KIDS! Magic the Gathering Club and Learn to Play

Needs a location

Are your kids looking for a new game to play? Come by on Mondays for our kid-centric Magic event! Every week, kids will learn new strategies to improve their decks while earning prizes for their matches and making friends along the way.

Don't have any cards or not sure how to play? No problem! We have decks available for you to use for free and staff on site to guide you in your new favorite game!


Format: Pauper. This format uses only common cards.
Prizing: Promo and Pack prizing based on number of players.
What is Pauper?:


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MTG Saturday Standard Draft

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