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What we’re about

Bolder Women is a personal development group for purpose-driven women entrepreneurs, activists, and other courageous change-makers. Whether you're out to make a difference in your immediate world, or the world at large - this group is for you!

This hybrid online and in-person group, will support you in taking your bold dream from something that lives in your heart to a reality that lives in the world.

Writer and literary professor, Joseph Campbell, called this crossing "The Hero's Journey" and said that every hero walks "The Road of Trials". And if you're an entrepreneur, activist, or other change-maker, you know just how accurate that description is!

There's a reason it's called The Road of Trials! Because it's fricking hard!

Bringing a dream to life requires us to face our self-doubt, our fears, and our shadow self. It requires us to dig deep into our courage, creativity, and tenacity.

While it's incredibly energizing to feel driven by a meaningful purpose, it can also feel daunting and overwhelming at times.

And that's why we need each other.

My to help mission-driven women bring their bold dream to life!

I know from bitter experience how easy it is to sell out our dream...our voice...and our vision for the person we most want to become in exchange for something that feels safe and comfortable. But that's death by a thousand cuts to the soul.

So my goal with this group is to make sure that the purpose that lives in your heart comes to life. I don't want that dream to die on the vine. Let's nurture it and craft it into the fine wine it's meant to become in the world!

In Bolder Women, we'll dive into activities and discussions around the 2 sides that play into making a dream a reality:

  1. Qualities that push our dreams forward - like courage, creativity, alignment, and tenacity.


  1. Qualities that hold our dreams back - like self-doubt, fear, over-thinking, and feelings of inadequacy.

Our goal will be to create new awareness, shifts in perspective, and "ah-ha!" ideas that keep us moving forward toward making our dream a reality!

And because we don't live life in water tight compartments, we may even dive into other topics that affect our ability to stay on track or that can open new creative pathways - things like health, spirituality, science, or astrology.

Whether you're the realtor who dreams of making it easier for single moms to buy a home...the massage clinic owner who wants to create a more peaceful world by helping the people in her community relax...the marketing expert who dreams of a world where marketing messages energize and uplift us, instead of making us feel insecure and less worthy...the activist who's passionate about making sure Roe gets codified...or the stay-at-home mom who's fighting the book-banning at your kid's school...

...Bolder Women is the group where you can fuel your dream, ignite your creativity, and safely express your doubts, fears, and frustrations.

If you dig the introspection, conversation, and light bulb moments sparked by authors and speakers like Martha Beck, Brene Brown, Liz Gilbert, and Glennon Doyle, this group has your name on it!

P.S. Yes, "Bolder" is a play on Boulder - the city where I live! But my dream is for this group to have far-reaching effects that extend well beyond the city limits of Boulder, CO. Hence the reason we'll have both online Zoom meetings and in-person gatherings in Boulder.

P.P.S. Want to know who I am before you join? I get it. From my experience, I always get the most out of groups where I feel a natural connection or chemistry with the group leader.

Since all of our time is precious, I want to make sure you have all the information you need to decide if this group is right for you.

So here goes:

I'm a certified Martha Beck Life Coach, writer, and speaker who’s passionate about helping purpose-driven women bring their bold dream to life.

Prior to becoming a life coach, I spent 21 years in the digital marketing/affiliate marketing/online entrepreneurship space - 10 of those years in corporate and 11 years running my own agency with my husband.  Despite spending over 2 decades in the industry, it never lit me up.  I always felt like a square peg trying to jam myself into a round hole.

As you can imagine, and may even know from experience, things don't go so well when you sell yourself out like that for years and decades on end. For me, that experience, along with other related experiences, culminated in a nervous breakdown in December of 2017. I spent 6 months dealing with crippling panic and anxiety.

It was a long, slow climb out of that hole, but it ultimately led me to my true purpose, which I'm living now. And it's why I'm so passionate about helping other women find the clarity, courage, confidence, and structure they need to find and live the dream that lives in their heart.

I think we all came here for a reason. I think we all carry a light in us. And I think the way we surmount the darkness that's so prevalent in our world today is by more of us bringing our light forward. That's the purpose of this group.

Politically, I fall somewhere left of center. I'm not an "eat the rich" lefty, and I'm not a "everybody fend for themselves" righty. And I'm not even on the same planet as Lauren Boebert, MTG, Matt Gaetz, and the other members of the hard right contingent.

I believe in health care for all, reproductive rights for women, equality for our LGBT+ community, reasonable gun control legislation, and many other left-leaning ideals.

I also believe in personal responsibility and capitalism - just not unfettered capitalism. I believe we should all be able to make as much money as we can and want to by using the best of who we are to serve others. And I believe that money is power, and that with great power comes great responsibility. I think Oprah is one of the best examples of how to make money, enjoy money, and be responsible with the power and privilege that money affords us in our society.

Spiritually, I was raised Catholic, but I believe in spirituality or personal ethics over adherence to a specific religion.

And finally my personal life - I'm married to the love of my life (second marriage) and have a mini-goldendoodle, named Midas, that I absolutely adore!

I love to cook, travel, stay fit, and get outside. I love a fun night out on the town - an upscale cocktail bar and a great restaurant. And I equally love staying home, and parking it on the couch with a good movie and a take-and-bake pizza from Nick 'n Willys.

My favorite music is still the stuff I grew up listening to in the 80s/early 90s (Prince, Salt-N-Pepa, Genesis, Lionel Richie, etc., along with some of the hair bands.) If you come to the in-person meetings, there's a good chance you'll hear some of this stuff! :D I also enjoy jazz and some of the crooners (Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Etta James, to name a few.)

I hope that gives you a good idea of who I am and whether or not you'd want to be part of a group where I'm the leader. If this still sounds like your jam, then please keep an eye out for our meeting announcements!

I look forward to meeting you and creating a tide that lifts all of our boats!


P.P.P.S. You can find out more about me and my business at

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